Week of September 24, 2010

Put your "temper" on ice, rams. The more focused your fire remains, the easier it is to actually win your battles- big and small. If this week should happen to provoke you more than usual, aim to remain conscious all the while of the reason(s) behind it. Let your clarity act as a guide, continually remninding you of the truer causes behind your strongest feelings.

Aries of the Week: the shogunate is abolished in Japan

Last week every time I took a random walk through my neighborhood, I landed myself next to a handsome, virile man...It seems my instincts led me to the places they were craving any time I Iet them openly wander. Try to do the same, bulls, letting your senses communicate, at least, their strongest need at the current moment.

Taurus of the Week: Andrea Corr

As one of six children, we were always forming secret clubs. As the oldest, I was usually the president. Even today, Im still the same type of control freak, convinced that it's better when Im in full command. Twins, help me and you figure out how/when our tight grip is both awesome and annoying, useful and unscrupulous.

Gemini of the Week: Garfield

Examine your choices, crabs. Specifically, determine whether they are motivated by escapism or genuine attempts to move onward. This week knowing the difference between the two will be crucial. Whereas one option faciltates folly, the other cultivates a cure. Begin by making the distinction.

Cancer of the Week: Albert Brooks

Ingrid Betencourt was released from captivity by colombian guerilla soldiers two years ago. In a book that came out this week, entitled-"Even silence has an end", she tells the personal tale of being tortured in the jungle for 6.5 years. She now spends her time administering the details of her life as a hostage, openly pointing out the degrading effects of her experience. If you can relate on any level past or present, cats, now would be an opportune time to roar for the cause.

Leo of the Week: Pueblo Revolt

Get all your ducks, I mean, your EGGS, in a row, Virg. Because they are bound to soon hatch, as a result of all your TLC, the spectacular sight of which is sure to be as cleansing as it is moving, as powerful as it is humbling, as uplifting as it is life-defining.

Virgo of the Week: WORLD WILDLIFE FUND

If I could magically inherit anyone's brain for the day, it'd be yours. It's just sharp enough to stay free, just wise enough to keep the peace, just flexible enough to enjoy itself, just clever enough to stay out of trouble. The landscape of your mind is ideal, scales, especially when it remains uncluttered with other people's litter,if you know what I mean.

Libra of the Week: Miguel De Cervantes

Rely upon one of your greatest skills, O mighty alchemist. May you re-learn the art of shapeshifting, scorp, discovering once more your ability to compel yourself and/or others to give in to pure form, using your muscle just as a way to give destiny back its over-riding voice.

Scorpio of the Week: Sara Bernhardt

Go where the wild things are, archer. Once there, let them speak freely to you. Remember the part of you that can relate to the untamed breezes, take pleasure in them, and finally trust them to point you in the "right" direction.

Sagitarius of the Week: Tip O'Neil

Revisit certain topics of previous discussion. Notice how over time, due to a variety of experiences, your views may have changed. Acknowledge how typical thoughts and feelings may have shifted into less familiar versions of themselves. Once you recognize the fact, it'll thus be easier to celebrate it.

Capricorn of the Week: Carlton Fisk

Do they see what you see? Not really. So why not make it overly clear, water bearers? Eliminate confusion and surrender to a total illumination. Doing so will produce deep serenity, foster enormous growth spurts, and reveal undying potentials, all at once...

Aquarius of the Week: "Black Sabbath"

Whenever Im feeling mentally blocked, I rent a foreign film. It's usually a good way to turn my thoughts around and upside down as well as introduce me to an alternative electrifying sentiment that motivates me by the unique-ness of its perspective. Similarly, fish, look towards marginal points of view to unravel you with their otherly/ simple/ mind wopping styles and stories.

Pisces of the Week: New York Stock Exchange