Week of September 10, 2010

Keep listening, rams. The song you already love so much gets that much better very soon. Follow the twists and turns of the notes as they dip and jive along. Be not concerned at this time with where the melody leads. Simply trust your willingness to pursue it's consistent/uplifting beat.

Aries of the Week: Ghandi's SALT SATYAGRAHA

Your innermost desires shall be revealed to you this week, in full color and sound. To insure yourr future relationship to what you want most, just cooperate bulls. Fight not the overwhelmingest feelings. Give in to their muscularity, without reserve.

Taurus of the Week: the EURO

It's not so much about precise words, Gem. Exact linguistics aren't as vital as sincere expression. If standing on one foot while painted half blue gets your point across more swiftly and completely than saying it outright, then go ahead. Employ whatever creative/clownish tactic is necessary this week to effectively convey your truths.

Gemini of the Week: Eric Stefani

As an artist, music was always my first love. That's mostly because it was a medium that allowed me the greatest access to the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time. Crabs this week may you locate your own method of widespread and rapid communication, using a microphone and amplifier when needed, to translate your strongest sentiments and personal opinions.

Cancer of the Week: Satellite TV

Let Jupiter, your ruling planet, school you on the nature of amassing true fortune this week lions. The abundance of that planet is unparalleled in the solar systems. Relearn it's technique- which consists of illogical generosity, unprecendented risk taking and unabashed gambles of the heart, hence its usual role as "head honcho".

Leo of the Week: Pike Place market

Reveal your sweetheart to the crowds, virg, who wait on pins and needles to know the identiity of your latest dance partner. Introduce your boo to the captive audience, unveiling as well the full scope of your feelings regarding your most significant other(S), including the ways that they most deeply move, interest and excite you.

Virgo of the Week: James McCartney

When it comes to love and art, little effort is required scales. You're a natural in the realm of such types of magic and style. So just be yourself, and try not to fight so hard for the right to be you. Let your actions arise naturally from you, style oozing from your pores, flipping out and falling with ease into a rightful place(s).

Libra of the Week: Ralph Lauren

Before going any further on your ceasless quest, take a long pause, scorp. The path you have recently been traveling has been most action packed. Rest, recuperate, reflect and regroup. It's in the better interest of the next phase-which is less about achieving and agressing, and more about simply being in all your glory.

Scorpio of the Week: John Cleese

Be one with your emotions, archers. Let laughter come as easily as tears and vice versa. To allow what naturally arises to comeforth not only provides you with a necessary release, but it also informs you of what you will most definitely need to specifically know re: the detailed contents of your mind and soul.

Sagitarius of the Week: Transgender Day

Look out this week for a magnanimous gift, goats. It's just the result of what loving care you previously put forward (but may have forgotten about!) Be receptive to what joy comes with the package, unflinchingly open to gathering the full rewards, unashamedly indulgent in its frutiful flavor.

Capricorn of the Week: Pablo Cassals

Let every moment be filled with the trance of your dance, water bearers. Let even the breath(S) you take be a relflection of your most elegant ideas. Leap around obstacles to your movement like a graceful gazelle, lunging towards the light.

Aquarius of the Week: Edgar Bergen

It's you I see in the distance, pisces, dancing atop the flames as if they were a playground. That's just one vision of many that concerns your powers, which, because they are based in unconditional love, are able to maneuver past "threats", molding even the most ominous forces to your playful whims and desires.

Pisces of the Week: Kate Sheppard