Week of September 1, 2010

Have mercy, while maintaining your truths. Yield to your heart while keeping good the promises you make regarding your destiny. Be not bamboozled but allow for your innocence to lead the way. Let your spirit flap in the wind while not being "caught" in any traps whatsoever along the way.

Aries of the Week: the first elephant arrives in the US from India

Keep moving, bulls. What you don't find beneath one stone you are sure to uncover under another. Continue your search. That's the only way you will discover what you are looking for and need. Once you locate that special diamond in the rough of human confusion, the glow of its enlightenment will spread itself openly and luxuriously across the landscape of your life.

Taurus of the Week: New Orleans

Make sure to dot your i's and cross your t's, twins. You'll want to be as tedious when it comes to landing your giant-est dreams. Go over every detail, because the omens predict that the truth lies in the subtlest of moments and ideas. Seek the smaller, humbler faces for the answers this week, Gem. It is most likelier there than anywhere else that you will find it.

Gemini of the Week: the Chicago EL train

Put on your dancing shoes, or skates. It's time to shimmy around and shake it UP. I mean that literally, crabs. To dance is to fly this week. Every time you feel the urge, lift your wings higher and higher until you feel you are floating as easily as a cloud, drifting and dreaming along with the breezy breeze.

Cancer of the Week: Vera Wang

Share some of your power/athletic skill with the people this week, lions. You will be overly glad you did, as it will balance out your karma and improve your sense of peace in the world. May you find the wherewithal to most copiously offer of your precious-est resource i.e. your undefeatable confidence, unshakable courage, and heartfelt charisma.

Leo of the Week: AFL

End the game you are playing, either with yourself or others. Keep it as real as possible this week, virg. With a mind and soul as genuine as your own, there is no need to engage in futile competition. Notice the time and energy you save immediately when you remove yourself from warfare's brutal arena. Revel in the space that is left in its place to widen your sights and plant the seeds of your specific imagination.

Virgo of the Week: Jennifer Hudson

Love is born and born again. It is a hydra headed beast, with faces of different sizes, shapes, and colors, but all saying the same exact thing. Once you begin to see so with your own eyes, everything may come into a sharper focus, and make more constant sense. Everywhere you look, you will notice the ubiquitous/unstoppable nature of the flaming heart, the tender hand, the tenacious poet.

Libra of the Week: 60 Minutes

Scorpions are experts at faking their own death. I have seen them do so for days at a time in the desert, curling up and laying still until they are clear of whatever dangerous threat is looming. It's also a way of feigning innocence, and protecting their power. This week you will be faced with a similar challenge. Once you are standing in the spotlight, what will you do? Own up to the full scope of your abilties and potentials or stand frozen with your eyes closed until the pressure passes? One of those choices sets you free from that certain position for good while the other keeps you locked down there.

Scorpio of the Week: Joseph Medicine Crow

Put on your red shoes and dance the steps you know so well. To add the extra challenge that we all know you thrive on, stay with your partner. Show them your moves while learning some of theirs. Look them deep in the eye while still maintaining your grace and poise. Be honest with your moves as you notice the truthful style of the "other"

Sagitarius of the Week: The Rolling Stone Rock n Roll Circus

Drop the load where you stand, goats. Don't worry about returning it to its rightful owner. They will come along soon enough and reclaim it. For now, just release the weight from your being and run along. Play for a while before you get back to work, resting and breathing into the new width.

Capricorn of the Week: Tiger Woods

Plead the fifth, water bearer. In other words, when/if you don't feel like explaining yourself, remember that it's your right not to. You may spend your time instead gazing out of the window, peering at the clouds, being celestial, tumbling through time and space, totally unbeholden.

Aquarius of the Week: Jamaica beoomes independent nation

There is a legend that a certain French colonist was spared his life by the Comanches in the 1800's because as they were preparing to scalp him, he laughed. The chief ordered that the tribe release him, claiming that his "magic" was too powerful to be defeated. I suggest you do the same, fish, whenever there is a killer in your midst. Break out into smiles and giggles, trusting the use of this to make your way out of any dark corners.

Pisces of the Week: Luis Bunuel