Week of August 24, 2010

Go ahead and send the last of your "troops" home, rams. Its currently the hippest thing you can do, haven't you heard? Prepare for the end of your own personal war then. It's about to be totally over, so begin to dream of how you will soon fill your time instead.

Aries of the Week: Barack Hussein Obama

Raise your arms in a gesture of musical praise. Offer your thanks and then marvel openly at the glory in your direct midst, spreading the joy of your experience as you go. Let those emotions pour forth, bubbling over and spilling out into the streets and parading over the crowd.

Taurus of the Week: George Lopez

Did you hear there's a new flavor you've never tried before, twins? It's a hybrid of sorts- a combination of different sweets and spices which meld together to form a uniquely stimulating/ delicious/ thought provoking experience. ** I thought you might want to be the first one to take a taste...

Gemini of the Week: Smoky Mountains National Park

Take credit for your own work crabs. Stand by your accomplishments. Receive the accolades for your achievements. To do so would not only heal and soothe you but also motivate you to continue doing as you so beautifully/artistically do.

Cancer of the Week: Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup Can Exhibition

In his "Dreams of My Father" memoir, fellow Lion Barack Obama claims that at a certain point in his young, uncertain life, he was aware of what his ancestors were asking of him, particularly his wise old grandmothers. Similarly, cats, take time this week to recall the wishes of your loving elders. Trust their guidance as you seek to cultivate your brightest dreams.

Leo of the Week: the oldest known Roman temple to Venus

Love thine enemy. Also, face them directly. Clear the air between you, making your pure intentions well known and understood. Resolve those conflicts in an effort to build future bridges that lead beyond those tensions for good.

Virgo of the Week: Sean Williams

To be fully united with what you love most, including your own dreams, remain natural. Be concise about what you desire, think, feel, and hope. Let your most organic truths yield not along the path to total fulfillment.

Libra of the Week: Esperanza Spalding

Go on, scorp, with the knowledge that your back-up system is right behind you, Sail forth, and trust that your "mission" is supported, without having to double or triple check. Believe in what you're doing. Such faith will be the fuel that permits you to swiftly CROSS OVER.

Scorpio of the Week: Oakland Bay Bridge

Lean into the challenging spots, archers, just to prove that you may: heal certain wounds yourself, handle total intensity on your individual terms, and balance specifc pressure by the force of your personal pizzaz/ perspective.

Sagitarius of the Week: Jean Luc Godard

Now that all you once believed has been physically proven possible, you may openly proceed on that premise. Use your previous success as a ground from which to launch your latest ideas from-projectiling their image to the next level beyond.

Capricorn of the Week: Surj Khalife, the tallest building ever constructed

Stay in your "high chair" this week, water bearers. Maintaining your artistic authority will be especially important. With a firm grace, may you glide past all obstacles to your widest thought. Tumble past all forces which seek to oppress you in a floaty, but determined manner.

Aquarius of the Week: The Mud March

Forget about past "promises", fish. Just tend to the garden of right now, pouring your heart's energy into it's soil. Clean the palate of before so that current possibilities may reveal themselves to you without interruption. Leave as much room as possible for fresh inspiration.

Pisces of the Week: Raul Julia