Week of August 16, 2010

The list of demands made by the Black Panthers included the right to be tried by one's peers. To a group of people who were historically innocently sent to jail or whose own murderers were set free by all white juries, such a request is understandable. Its similar to your own desire to maintain relations that are free of bias towards your being. You do deserve a chance, rams, to tell your story to an audience with ears that are open from the start.

Aries of the Week: Abraham Maslow

A Crow warrior had to perform four different "coups" in order to become a chief, half of which entailed stealing an enemy's horse and weapon, one which required him to touch the face of the fallen, and lastly to attempt to lead a war party. As an aspiring chief of our earthly tribe, bulls, I might add a fifth to the roster, bulls, that of leading your people away from danger, towards a peacefuler steady groud where they may totally be themselves.

Taurus of the Week: the first major wagon train heading for the Pacific NW sets out on the Oregon trail with 1000 pioneers

Ten million tons of gold is dissolved into the earth's oceans. However, at an average concentration of ten parts per trillion, it isn't worth the cost it takes to pump it. Anyway, you'd be much better off enjoying the richness of the sea as opposed to seeking its posession. That's the only way you'll ever inherit her treasures anyway.

Gemini of the Week: Federico Garcia Lorca

MIT professor Robert jaffe reports that the evolution of our earthly lives is slower than the solar system at large because gravity keeps us at such a pace. It's also what prevents us from exploding into stars. So keep that in mind this week, crabs. It just depends on what you prefer-to stay where you are or to blast into outer space. If its the former, just hold on tight and don't let go, it it's the latter, free your hands and heart as soon as possible of all excess weight.

Cancer of the Week: Organization of Afro-american unity

Scientists recently discovered that the sun is NOT an only child, as previously believed by astronomers. It is now understood that this blazing star was one of 1000 siblings of the same cluster, all born at the same time, 50 of which are estimated to be within 300 light years and 400 of those within 3000 light years. It is thought that some of the sun's idiosyncracies, mainly the fact that it nurtures life, might make sense in the context of its family. Similarly lions, once you locate the other members of your pride, you'll better remember the source of your motivations and more effectively comprehend your own "unique" brilliance.

Leo of the Week: Beginning of Pueblo Revolt in New mexico

After raising one brand of city birds and one from the country, it was discovered by German ornithologists that the city birds secreted less corticosterone (stress hormone) than their country cousins. That leaves you to conclude one of two things-either urban areas selected against birds that couldn't handle its conditions or the birds adapted over time to their environment. You virgins are also able to withstand the pressure of your situation as a result either of your collection of experience or your naturally calm disposition...

Virgo of the Week: David Stewart

Legend has it that just as the Paspahegh people were about to dismantle Captain John Smith, under the command of Chief Powhatan, his twelve year old daughter Pocahantas intervened on his behalf,laying his head in her arms, rescuing him from his fate for at least the time being. Regardless of the outcome, scales, may you also step in and up for what/who you believe in, for the sake of peace, progress, or greater intelligence.

Libra of the Week: John Brown leads a raid on Harpers Ferry

Compared to the rest of biological evolution, which is typically more gradual, flowering plants developed rapidly and widely, dominating the earth's vegetation with 250,000 species. This extraordinary and speedy diversification remains a scientific mystery, one that has always been similar to your own personal evolution, which boasts a higher frequency of lovemaking, therefore spreading the seed of your light and beauty faster and over a greater area.

Scorpio of the Week: Abigail Adams

Three of the world's six species of flamingo can be found in Peru, the most of that type of bird found anywhere else in the earth. Similarly, archers, about half of your own family dwells in the same place, within a certain radius. But where can the other fifty percent be found? May the constant force of continued discovery be with you as you travel onward to find that out.

Sagitarius of the Week: Petrified Forest national Park

In certain parts of the world, food may be with-held from women who do not have sex with their husbands. I thought it would be a good time to bring up these types of issues to you, goats, as you yourself will be called to rely not so much on the outer regulations, but to trust your own inner compass while you organize a campaign around certain forces of oppression. Seek to fortify your cause by remaining clever but concise, consistent and careful, all at once.

Capricorn of the Week: the London Underground

Diplodocus Apadosaurus carried their dinosaur heads upon seemingly endless necks, which were at first believed to be grazing instruments. They were later discovered to be more like the neck of a modern giraffe, which evolved to attract the opposite sex. Similarly, water bearers, let your own stylish attitude reveal that it is more a means of obtaining love and fun-ship than any other previously mentioned explanation.

Aquarius of the Week: Bill of Rights allows the supreme court to argue its case before the US supreme court

Scientists call the fact that the lifetime of stars matches the timeclock of our universe a "cosmic coincidence". Our inability to comprehend this miraculous timing is, in their professional opinion, perhaps because our limited human perspective on time has prevented us from perceiving "the important rhythms of cosmology." As well, fish, most of the rest of us arre just as limited in our ability to observe the grand phenomenons of the universe. You, however, have been granted with an extra sense- one that may easily discern such transcendent rhythms.

Pisces of the Week: European Association of Aerospace students