Week of August 8, 2010

Rams, if you should happen to notice any thorns in your heart or another's this week, calmly remove them. Extricate those from your being as soon as you notice them there. That will make it easier to blast through the streets like a rockin' rocketeer, totally conscious of what is still possible, beyond the limits of all "wounds".

Aries of the Week: Booker T Washington STAMP

This week a certain discernment is essential. Specifically, may you know the difference between times of peace and times of combat, when to enforce rules and with whom and when to ease up and why. If you can keep all of that straight, you are more likely to maintain ideal health and pure happiness, without any delays or setbacks.

Taurus of the Week: Johns Hopkins

Twins, you're just going from one paradise to another, that's all. Your garden of Eden isnt ending, it's only being transferred so that your experience may continue to grow and your spirit may more openly prosper. Therefore, fear not the serpent of wisdom nor the apple of true knowledge. They have come just in time.

Gemini of the Week: Bonnie Tyler

Behind every door and in most any corner, you will find the same answer, just dressed in different colored costumes. It's all a variety of ways to say the same thing, i.e. what your heart is so consistently trying to communicate. Now would be a wise time to listen and obey that mighty beast.

Cancer of the Week: 1978 LONGEST Native american walk to D.C.

You and me were born to be happy as opposed to disappointed?! Cool!!!!! So let's make a deal then: every time the radio is playing that boring, stagnant old song that prohesies our gloom and misery, switch the dial! Let the other tune come dancing in, revealing that the good things in life are free and available now and forever!

Leo of the Week: Anna Maria Luisa dMedici

In ancient practices of magic and witch-craft, only the virgin can subjugate the serpent of knowledge and power by way of its pure, steady and protective hand. Thats similar to your lifescape this week, virgo. Such electricity is headed straight for you. It will be left to you to decide how to handle it's wild and writhing self. Prepare to recieve this force, mostly by just trusting yourself to make the right decisions as you go.

Virgo of the Week: Mark Ronson

Accept assistance, while still maintaining your authority. Embrace power but without surrendering your own. That is how best you can: reach your destination, cure the disease, solve the riddle, obtain your goals. No matter what, you will need to rely on your community while still reserving a place for your individual voice, rest in loving arms without being suffocated by them.

Libra of the Week: first american printing press

You may "posess" love no more than you may own a flower. However, you CAN smell them at length, admire their beauty, inhale their freshness, and worhsip their sentiment. You can bathe with them, rub them all over your bodice or decorate your room with them. You may appreciate them openly, celebrating their existence and acknowledging your love for those delightful things of beauty.

Scorpio of the Week: UN resolution to oppose apartheid

Start with the idea that what you already know won't help you. Remain willing to play a game you've never even tried, one that requires more concentration/less exhibition, demanding increased inner awareness as opposed to outer defense strategy. Stay open to learning and you most definitely will come to know what you need to.

Sagitarius of the Week: Ella Baker

You're supposed to leave on the next jet plane, goats. Or covered wagon, whatever. Your mode of transportation is not as crucial as your own agreement to travel onward. Trust the team that was sent to pick you up. Go forth, without hesitation/reservation. Blast off into the winds, confident that such exploratory motion is necessary, regardless of the destination.

Capricorn of the Week: Mick Jones

You're already well aware of the fact that our plans are nothing in comparison to the greater celestial notions. However, it's also true that you may only effectively influence others if you are close to them. So it could be worth it to connect enough to the everyday world, gaining what trust you'll need to convince the common folk of your most modern evolutionary strategy.

Aquarius of the Week: Free radio Berkely begins a 24hour broadcast

Push yourself and rise to the challenge this week fish. Resist the torturing thoughts and outdated fears of old. Kick them swiftly to the curb so that you have the proper space to indulge in what goodness is leftover, as well as recover the power that remains when once you remove the obstacles to its usage.

Pisces of the Week: Eva Mendes