Week of July 31, 2010

When an army of frenchmen arrived in 1806 at the Italian border of Venetian Friuli, it is reported that a new spirit seemed to overtake them, causing the "harshest characters to have become sweet". Their sudden manner was attributed to the climate, even though in actuality it differed little from the temperature of the German province they had just crossed over from. I leave it to you rams to decipher the mystery of such a transformation. Keep in mind that at the time no other country in the western world was known to be as artistically inspired or as foreigner friendly as the charming/ ebullient province we call Italy.

Aries of the Week: Big Ben

It's the right time to break old habits and foster new beats. In other words, bulls, every time you smash a wall, you tap into a rhythm. Tear those down, in order to preserve your groove. The less daunted you are by dogma, the more access you are granted to harmonic elation.

Taurus of the Week: Danny Wood

Distinguish thyself, twins. How are you NOT like the others? What have your own eyes been witness to? What is your individual point of view? May you take the time to disclose the intimate details of your ideas, sentiments, and most recent enlightenments. Discover in the process how fit you are to make certain choices without flinching, given all that you have seen and come to understand.

Gemini of the Week: Statue of Liberty arrives at NY harbor

All you need is a lift, crabs. A little bit of inspiration can go a loooooong way this week, if you accept the challenge to glean from but not get carried off by what so enchants and entices you. If you manage to observe, taste and frolic with that which provokes your admiration without seeking to own or control, it may continue to provide stimulation to your dreams and body.

Cancer of the Week: Sally Kirkland

They say you have "more juice than Zeus", lions. In the spirit of your birthday season, let us see what they mean. Reveal to the world which you daily bless with your presence- the actual force and depth of your love, concern, and willingness. Unveil the invincible nature of your doubtless heart, readily able to defy any so called limitations to its expression.

Leo of the Week: freed American slaves form Liberia

Look forward to shock, surprise, and scandal this week Virg. As you survey the surreal landscape, notice that you are as sturdy as ever. While the bombs go off, your own serenity unfurls. That's not only because you're a natural but it's also because you're prepared. You have what knowledge, know how and inner awareness is necessary to handling the events that surround you with a firm but gentle ease.

Virgo of the Week: Larenz Tate

Ride what "energy" comes your way as if it were a wave, scales. Whether what approaches is hot, cold, bittersweet, sour, rapid, or stalled, accept the contents with grace. Let each wash over and through you, ever moving and cruising. Don't look back, as you go. That maintains your ability to remain fluid.

Libra of the Week: "Speakerboxx/The love Below"

May certain of your personal instincts be batted down this week, scorp, and reduced to mere rubble. Specifically I am referring to those parts of you that stand ready to fight, kill, and defend. May you be willingly stung and undone by a power that is similar to your own, recalling the blissful glory of what relief there lies in being on its receiving end.

Scorpio of the Week: Tele Monte Carlo (Europe's oldest radio station)

Native american (Ojibwa) dreamcatchers are used to protect sleeping children from nightmares, which would be caught in the "net" or weblike material that it's made of. The good dreams may then pass and slide through. Adapt a similar mentality, archers. Even in your waking state, allow the negative-r thoughts and feelings to halt, while the bright and funny ones live further on in your conscious mind.

Sagitarius of the Week: Liv Ullman

Have you heard the news? The evil king is dead and has been replaced by a kind and benevolent ruler. Of course, he/she wants you as their personal adviser, an intimate counsel on all matters big and small that may arise. You're the wisest choice, goats. What you don't know by route, you are able to sense. You're one of those rare human creatures who is as knowledgable as they are intutive, holding boundaries that are as firm as they are flexible.

Capricorn of the Week: DJ Questlove

The tarot's high priestess carries a closed book, is heavily robed, and sits on a stone throne. She is the essence of secrecy and rigidity. She wears a veil to represent hidden knowledge. It is later revealed, however, that she is in fact the same woman as pictured on the star card, which portrays a stark naked woman, pouring water freely unto the earth, bathing in the waters of measureless inspiration, as flamboyant as the priestess is guarded. Keep that "mystery" in mind this week water bearers, as you seek to reconcile truths.

Aquarius of the Week: Chris Parnell

Pleasant times are a-comin fish and are scheduled to stay around too. All you must do is take a bite out of/from crime, tasting and then swallowing the "forbidden fruit". The more you digest of this, the less thwarted you will be from what personal mission calmly awaits you.

Pisces of the Week: Myrlie Evers