Week of July 24, 2010

It's never too late to : start over, erase the previous point, dive into the uncertain future, or just place one firm foot in front of the other. Take it all in stride this week rams, forging new paths whenever you get the chance. Go right along with the flow so that you may benefit from the momentum of an unusually powerful tide this week.

Aries of the Week: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" the movie

Pick up the pace, and do all the things you've been meaning to get around to this week bulls. Start by pursuing your most recent romantic inclinations. Take a walk through the park you've had your eye on. Go on the dream date you've been musing about. Add the necessary splashes of color to your garden. It will make the desired difference.

Taurus of the Week: Bobby Darin

Assume your strongest position, twins. You can only conquer that stubborn root by pulling it out at the base. To get to the "bottom" of it, you'll need to dig deep and yank hard. To access total muscle and concentration, remain centered and focused in your stance.

Gemini of the Week: Danny Aiello

According to surfers, the essence of riding a wave is "speed", which directly depends on personal knowledge of the equipment, your body, and the wave itself. Like any successful athlete, it is necessary to do your homework, so that when it comes time to go, everything you know just kicks in automatically, smoothing out and allowing for your ultimate game.

Cancer of the Week: Hyde Park, Chicago

Acts of bravery are necessary this week lions. Make your moves in the context of each situaion, practicing mercy when it is called for and taking discilplinary actions where and when it's clearly required. The greatest challenge will be in discerning the full truth of each situation so that you may properly determine the MOST accurate response.

Leo of the Week: Revolution Day-Egypt

Don't be shy, virgins. Step up to the plate. You're the batter up, and unlike those that have struck out before you, you are ready to hit the proverbial ball out of the proverbial park. Don't flinch at the cameras and bright lights. Just do the excellent job you can always be found doing, whether alone or in company. The audience is just a technicality.

Virgo of the Week: NYPD Blue

Practice makes perfect, scales, in most, if not all cases. You in particular are sure to accomplish whatever you put your brilliant mind to. The trick is to maintain what mental resolve is required to pull it all the way off. Only once you are fully decided can you fully accomplish this or that.

Libra of the Week: Buffalo Wings

This week is packed with transformations, realizations, and manifestations, some of which are subtle and not as easy to decipher as others which will be more blaring in all their obvious-ness. Whichever of those two it turns out to be, treat each with equal love and attention. Nurture and learn from them just the same.

Scorpio of the Week: samesex marriages made LEGAL in Conneticut

First read all the fine print, archers. Then look on the bright side of what information you've gathered. The omens predict that the first part of the exercise will be the most difficult for you personally. But it's just as crucial. Before you shine your light upon the dark corners, be sure you've properly acknowledged them all.

Sagitarius of the Week: Encyclopedia Brittanica

Foreign perspective is key. Therefore, spend this week gathering as many opposing opinions as possible. Suspend your judgment until you have heeard as many sides of the story as you can. Assume that you cannot make a "choice" until such alternate points of view are taken into consideration.

Capricorn of the Week: Jason Segel

When you're not out riding on wild storms, take a snooze water bearers. For as much "work" as you do, gather the same amount of rest. Once you have completed your business affairs for the day, reward yourself with mindless play, the type which has no specific goal, other than clowning around and enjoying the fascinating climate.

Aquarius of the Week: US Weather Bureau

You actually CAN get what you want fish, as long as you are willing to give up what you THINK you so desperately need. It's a simple trade, filled with the promise of a fulfillment which is no longer virutal or vicarious by nature, but specific to your deepest personal wishes and strongest inner desires.

Pisces of the Week: Philip Roth