Week of July 15, 2010

Chinese medicinialists claim "It is the false interpretation of our life experience that ultimately smothers the expression of our constitutional potential" In plain english, that means the only thing preventing us from having fun and getting what we want is continuing to see through the dusty lenses of : the past, duty, or expectations. Once those are properly discarded, total access to what magic is necessary to obtain ideal life is absolutely possible.

Aries of the Week: Mandy Moore

You can only "own" what you provide for,bulls. Keep that in mind this week as you struggle to gather your crops. If one has gone missing, lend it a giving hand. Hold your support there until it is received on the other end. Take what time and put forth what energy is necessary to bring your plants / loved ones back.

Taurus of the Week: Washington, D.C.

Everything that exists in the macrocosm has corresponding manifestations in the microcosm, twins. Spend some time connecting the dots this week. Not only will such an exercise provide a fascinating map of our overall existence, it will also grant you what personal guidance you need to locate your own "hidden" treasure.

Gemini of the Week: Republic of Egypt abolishes monarchy and declares itself

Certain doctrines of eastern medicine contend that a certain "room of will" guards the gate of each individual's destiny, preventing all evil from entering. May you locate this potent center in yourself this week, protecting your own fate with such certainty, ferocity, and poise.

Cancer of the Week: Bonnie Pointer

Some spiritual thought insists that when a soul corresponds to the will of heaven, a different energy is established in the world, one that gives off the "light of inner illumination", made noticeable by what brilliance now shines in the eyes of the affected. That's precisely what will happen to you lions every time you converse with and/or carry out the wishes of your HIGHer self.

Leo of the Week: Masta Killa

Let your soil be softened this week, virg. There is a tsunami of love headed directly your way. Not only are you thirsty enough that you should accept the flood of hydration, but you're also in need of such a mystical undertow. You won't drown. Just get carried away by the wobbly waves, bouncing and bathing in the waters of renewal and relief.

Virgo of the Week: Jesse Owens

As you seek to integrate the whole, blend the opposites, and bind the gaps, be not hesitant to: trim the fat, make a trade, mold the poles. In other words, compromise and amend the parts that aren't necessary so that the pieces fit more snugly together. Do what negotiating is required for total unity.

Libra of the Week: Russel Simmons

Unlike most life-forms, you're never too far from the proverbial nest. That's perhaps why you are capable of amassing such power and strength in your being. Well done. However, starting this week, scorp, to taste the fruit of your optimal choice, you will be forced to emerge fully from the depths where you typically dwell, away from what shelter you lovingly protect, out on the farthest limb.

Scorpio of the Week: "Licensed to Ill'

Go "home" archers. It is only there that you may fully rest, recover, and re-discover. Act as a foetus, curling up into the vacant void. Drop your weaponry there, and lower your fists. Simply breathe in the healing limitlessness of the open space, which does not challenge you, but instead protects and nourishes your being.

Sagitarius of the Week: Ty Cobb

That was then, this is NOW, goats. The more closely you keep that simple matter in mind this week, the easier it will be for you to glimpse the goodnesss of the horizon out-stretched before you. Practice making complete turns, away from what WAS and towards what will be. Become fully enraptured by the shimmering promise of a new dawn.

Capricorn of the Week: Patricia Clarkson

Seek not to discriminate but to relate. Look for bridges instead of bombs, water bearers. Be inclined towards the common ground rather than pulled in by the gravitational force of estrangement. That way when soon loving arms wrap themselves around you, it'll be less likely that you resist.

Aquarius of the Week: Jules Verne

Return to the school of fish that truly loves you, pisces. In that circle of support, you may be consistenly adored as opposed to admonished. Your confidence can grow taller rather than be randomly crushed. It's safe AND bright where you need to go, not a threat to your being so much as a place to feed it.

Pisces of the Week: Texas declares independence from Mexico