Week of July 9, 2010

When witches are at last being initiated, after much training, they must choose a  new name.  This will symbolize their growing awareness and
perhaps not who they feel they are at the moment, but who they are becoming on the journey forward.  Similarly, rams, the universe recommends that
you come up with a sign of your continuing evolution.  Begin to call yourself THAT, at least as a reminder that you are more than ready to.

Aries of the Week: Paul Rothchild

This week while I was musing over your message, a large butterfly flew to my window, portending your own transformation. Its colors were yellow, the aura of mental awareness and black, the shade of the void from which all life emerges. It was as large as a small bird, as huge as your own wingspan when you begin to emerge from the cocoon this week. You too, will be flashing the colors of where you came, as well as where you are now headed.

Taurus of the Week: Otto Frank

Travel as fast as you can, twins. The less you delay, the better your chance of securing your fortune. Quickly, but without sacrificing what detail is necessary to make your whole point, communicate your wishes. Without the extra weight of doubt, or personal fear, you are likely to save a LOT Of time, facilitating a swifter, smoother move directly to your point.

Gemini of the Week: Belinski

Indulge in your inner world, crabs. Invite your favorite friends to come and join you there. That's your idea of a good time, and it being your bday season, there's no reason why not to do what you enjoy most. Hold court, on your own precious soil, the surrounding melody heralding a most excellent time.

Cancer of the Week: Vincent D'Onofrio

Acknowledge your beating heart's pleas, please. Look not for ways out of what its begging you to do, but rather seek to heed its imminent and specific requests. It has only your best intentions and ultimate satisfaction in mind, despite how tall and wide it's order.

Leo of the Week: Casey Affleck

In the 1976 blind wine tasting of Paris, which came to be known as the "Judgment of Paris", Napa Valley's Chateau Montelena was the first California brand ever to obtain victory over the french. Everyone, including the vineyard itself, was shocked. Be prepared for a similar type of electric victory, virg-one which you win fair and square, a win which is actually just a result of what hard work and constant love you put forth.

Virgo of the Week: US National Broadcating Company

Every time I think of you, I hear a melodic symphony- with rich yet delicate tones, precise but expansive movements, sweeping as well as earthy themes. I assume you must be in the midst of conducting your grand opus, scales. Enjoy the uniquely inspiring moment(s).

Libra of the Week: the first birth control clinic opens in NYC

This week you will have the chance to choose. You can be : a con-artist, or a pure artist. You may have a slice of apple pie or access to the entire apple orchard. You may ask for a canteen of cream or the cow itself. It's up to you, scorp. Consider what road you want to travel, who you wish to become, and how you prefer to live.

Scorpio of the Week: Steve Zahn

Jim Morrison, a fellow archer, was once arrested for an exhibitionist performance. His revolutionary showmanship was so enchanting and empowering to the masses that he was considered a threat to "authority". Luckily for you, Sag, anytime you wish to express your artistic point of view this week, the fates will have your back. So come on baby, light the fire.

Sagitarius of the Week: Maria Callas

Not everything will appear in black and white this week goats. Sometimes it will seem gray, other times emerald green, glistening gold, neon blue, really red, pretty pink or Orange you glad to see there are so many different colors?

Capricorn of the Week: "Kiss Me Kate"

Feed from the compliments, while letting the criticism float on by. Attach yourself to personal truth while cooly dismissing falsehoods. Engage not at all with the concept of defeat, but party hard with the spirit of transcendentalism. Accept the blessings, as you exorcise the curses.

Aquarius of the Week: "Pinnochio"

You won't have to sacrifice your desires fish. You'll just have to answer their call when they come knocking. Swing open the door and let them inside. Then it won't seem like they're banging so hard on the door in the middle of the night. Greeting them makes the whole experience a lot less scary, burdensome, or mysterious.

Pisces of the Week: Marlon Jackson