Week of July 2, 2010

Martin Luther King Jr. insisted that it was essential for a preacher to be not solely spellbinding but also intelligent. Without the latter, what is supposed to be helpful can become dangerous and misleading. Apply the metaphor to your own ideas, rams. Fortify your performance with practical wisdom. Combine foresight with personal charm and the effect is not only powerful and inspiring but also lasting and sensical.

Aries of the Week: the first audible recording of a human voice

Yep, now is the time to introduce your new moves bulls, ever so slightly. Take whatever chances come your way this week to step forward, obscuring thyself no longer amidst the dense brush, emerging from the thick/dark jungle of the past, to enter the open desert of NOW's welcoming light.

Taurus of the Week: Jordan Knight

The wheels of passion are spinning. I'd advise you to jump into the red-hot wagon and ride along, using your own sense of equilibrium to counterbalance the wild winds. Be not afraid, twins, to enter the furnace of strange desire.

Gemini of the Week: The Rite Of Spring

My mother reminded me this week that the phrase "Let sleeping dogs lie" is a literal term for leaving canines alone while they are in slumber, because they are known to snap at anyone who tries to wake them. Remember that this week, crabs. Perhaps it is best to engage with those creatures who are already awake. Maybe itd be better to turn towards the dawn rather than tamper with the night.

Cancer of the Week: Cassidy

Your emotions will serve as a reminder this week Leo. The stars predict that your heart will be twisting and turning, using any opportunity to speak. Don't miss out on the chance to learn from it, lions. Each tear, giggle, and squeal is filled with knowledge. Every feeling is meant to inform you of certain personal data you may have lost touch with.

Leo of the Week: Sarah Brightman

Virg, may you posess the courage to cut away that which no longer serves you. Wherever the knife shall fall, a certain fruit shall replace it. This is the symbol of life renewed- a result of stripping away. Let what stands in the way of vital growth be gone now; to improve your game, vision, and health.

Virgo of the Week: Arnold Palmer

Whether you are on the go or sitting perfectly still, scales, banish thyself from all outstanding drama. Become an official exile from the events of petty existence. Dedicate your whole self to a higher vision. Revel in that soulful space, where there is plenty of breathing room and dreaming space.

Libra of the Week: Tanya Tucker

Lean on your higher perspective this week scorp. Travel to what outer rims are necessary to gain the extra vision. Ascend upward until you gain enough distance to see most clearly and objectively. Stepping beyond the bounds of the situation will provide the truth you need to ascertain. Take your space, scorp.

Scorpio of the Week: UNESCO

There is a new friend/king/queen in town, to accompany you on your throne. Their ideas are distinct from your own, but helpful nonetheless. Give him/her a chance sag. The stars advise that you will become immediately better off if you can make room for such alternatives points of view.

Sagitarius of the Week: Micheal Ovitz

Not only will you bring home the proverbial bacon this week, goats, but you will also receive its delivery. Be prepared not just to experience your own personal glory but to witness the triumph of those you respect the most. Ride high enough that you may notice your companions, who are doing the same.

Capricorn of the Week: Steve Allen

You need not make any "arrangements", water bearers. You may have full access to what love and beauty is now overflowing with abundance in your midst. Simply let the walls close in on you, letting your spirit melt into the fabric of your sweet surroundings.

Aquarius of the Week: National Geographic Society

If you've lately been making the wrong choices, now is the time to set the record straight, fishies. It's the ideal moment to opt in, out, or other, if that's what you've been meaning to do but just havent gotten around to. In other words, the stars are properly aligned to grant you what extra assistance you may need to pull it off.

Pisces of the Week: Mary Tudor