Week of June 24, 2010

May you tipsy toe past any hairy, heavy, sleeping monsters this week rams. Ever so gently, but sternly focused on your highest creative goals, glide right by all "boogie men". Just beyond where they stand lies a field of lovely light-fertile ground for what new seeds you are soon to plant.

Aries of the Week: Thornton Wilder

Bull-leave me Taurus when I tell you, that this week of all weeks is a mind/heart/soul bender. It's gonna knock your overly protective socks right off. The tides will shift and shift again, making you a little woozy at first but eventually it'll feel just like you are be-bopping, hip-hopping, show stopping, tip-topping.

Taurus of the Week: Richard Jenkins

In the tarot deck, the death card was a unique/controversial statement in the stratified system of the middle ages. In this card alone, every social class is set equally before the skeleton horseman, making the point that we are all the same in the presence of a greater power. Though perhaps the idea is less relevant today, the notion is the same twins. All must yield to the holy sting of transformation.

Gemini of the Week: Peter Minuit buys Manhattan for the equivalent of 24 US dollars

You're a riot to be around crabs. The sooner you realize how true that is, the more fully you can begin to enjoy your luscious life. Once your eyes are open to the juicy texture of your days, you will continue to notice that your personal domain is overly ripe with people that adore you, places that interest you, and life-forms that thrill you.

Cancer of the Week: Haley Mills

Never under-estimate the power of embrace, lions. Especially your OWN, which happens to be particularly well fortified, extra bright, and overly certain these days. When in doubt this week, throw your arms around around the world. Squeeze tight, a little tighter, until your warmth is well translated/received.

Leo of the Week: Voting Rights Act

This week it seems the planets have aligned to assist you in recovering your FULL powers. To aid them in the process, practice the following: gaze in the mirror for longer than average, admiring your precious bod, a magnificent temple of immaculate and unique productions. Take the appropriate time to honor your personal machinery. Stroke its ego a bit.

Virgo of the Week: BODY WORLD exhibition

Let the spirit move you scales, literally. So that this can occur most naturally, make as few plans as possible this week. Let the moment be free to speak openly to you, guide you along, hold your swinging hand as you trounce through the streets. Be subject to the ever changing ****windsssss***

Libra of the Week: first co-op store

Let there be no further discussion, scorp. Simply strive to be in constant expression of your heart's mad yearnings. Explore without restraint it's wild desires. Pursue them without question, investing total trust in their twist and turns, no matter where it takes you next.

Scorpio of the Week: MoBy Dick

All magicians have their secrets. So don't be angry when the guy/girl in a top hat won't reveal how exactly they pulled that rabbit from a hat. Instead, work on your own tricks. Spend all brainpower/TLC on preparing your own mystical stage of wonderous feats.

Sagitarius of the Week: Scrabble

Don't forget to ask for what you need, goats. Better yet, feel free to DEMAND what you deserve, and have every right to. What do you require for your personal total enjoyment, sustainment, entertainment, and nourishment? Call it out-loud and clear, so there is no confusion regarding your request(s).

Capricorn of the Week: Ghandi begins his fast

Don't lie one little bit water bearers. That's like asking a pig to stay all day in the mud. Telling truths is like an awesome party for you, water bearers. You are therefore offically celestially advised to boogie down.

Aquarius of the Week: The Free Africa Society

The omens predict you will find soild ground this week, fish, turning your floundering fins into firm feet. Whether you suddenly happen upon such sturdy terrain or consciously direct yourself to a steadier sphere makes no difference. All thats important is that you remain poised, pleased and purring with delight in such a restful repose.

Pisces of the Week: formation of Independent Oglala Sioux Nation