Week of June 17, 2010

May you see the true value of going the extra mile(s) this week rams. If you do, the universe will send enormous-er bundles of support your way. Should you choose to do the riskier thing, you will surely obtain the security, sensation, and superpower you might need to accomplish such a grand feat. Don't worry, baby.

Aries of the Week: Jackie Chan

Fly on bulls- to a land which is far far away from your most daily troubles and concerns. The extra distance will add a ton of perspective, breathing room, and personal orientation. Those are each forms of peaceful ammunition- offering what space and solid ground you most need to speak your deepest/most potent truths.

Taurus of the Week: Pinky Lee

My father has a skunk problem underneath his house. He has therefore set up traps to capture them, after which he drives them to the woods to release them back into the wild. It's the perfect compromise- one which is ultimately a good thing for both parties. it reminds me of your upcoming fate, twins. You will also be "caught" by a loving hand, and henceforth returned to a rightful place where you are freer to romp and roam.

Gemini of the Week: Dr. OZ

The season of the crab approaches, and you yourself are bursting from your proverbial shell. Like most trips through the birth canal though, the final push will require some heaving and hawing. So prepare thyself for a most foreceful (re)entry- one which is, after all, a symbol of the love within and without that demands your total presence.

Cancer of the Week: Wendy Williams

Things are just not what they seem to be, lions. As long as you take a second or third look, though, it shouldnt be that difficult for a mind as brilliant as your own to penetrate past the illusion, no matter how thick. The stars predict that the straighter you look into the crystal ball, the clearer things will become. You may just have to stare for a moment longer than what you are typically used to.

Leo of the Week: the first masonic Grand lodge in the US

To some people, rice is always white. To others, it's brown, green,yellow or pink. This week the fates will present you with such a philosophical question virg. You will be asked to choose, over and over, between what you have always known, are used to and easily acquainted with and what you have zero experience with, but which thrills you to even consider.

Virgo of the Week: Miss America protest

Don't be anyone's gimp, scales. Work for those who have YOUR best interests in mind only, starting this week. The sooner you cut certain ties the earlier you will be available to place your energy in much more worthy areas. There is a window of opportunity flashing brightly before you right NOW NOW NOW.

Libra of the Week: "Clandestino"

Apparently, after a forest fire, there is a remarkable and almost immediate regrowth of life where the flames just ravaged the earth. Keep that in mind this week, scorp, as the events of your life take their place. If any old houses, shrubs, or suits should happen to burn to the ground, perhaps it is to make ampler room for something fresher and more nourishing.

Scorpio of the Week: "Different Strokes"

When listening to music this week, sag, do your best not to pause or skip to the next tune. Listen through to the end. Even if you don't find exactly what you are looking for, it's good practice. What truths you soon seek will only be fully deciphered by way of such uninterrupted flowing. So it couldn't hurt to get into the groove, anyway.

Sagitarius of the Week: George Eliot

To manuever better in the mundane world, It might be helpful to think of higher influences the way Kabbalists do-as subatomic particles of spiritual energy which pop in and out of existence from our words thoughts and actions. In other words, their effect is instantaneous, almost ungraspable, rapid, and super tiny, i.e. hard to catch.

Capricorn of the Week: field honey

Everywhere you go people want to know where you come from and who you are. But why waste time on such petty detail when you could be showing them your true colors as we speak? Get to it, water bearers. Spread the news by spreading first your wings. Let those unfurl and do all talking and walking on their own.

Aquarius of the Week: King Khan

Be merciful towards yourself fish. Thats how you can face and also win certain long standing battles. Relax first. Then you can just slide into the right places at the right time, without having to force things at allllllllll.

Pisces of the Week: Horace Andy