Week of June 9, 2010

Reveal your true feelings to at least one person this week. Let SOMEone in on all of the truest you in the days ahead. The watch as all feelings of impending doom magically transform into dust. See for yourself/through another's eyes-the abundance of love and support that is present. Let your trust cause visions to bloom forth in full colors.

Aries of the Week: Vishal Veru "Ajay" Devgan

Conquer your "hunger" this week, bulls, firstly by giving into it's whims. Let your deepest needs be totally acknowledged before moving forward any further. Clarify your most far-out GOALS. That way the universe can send aid(s)/magik/fuel as you ride steadily towards your destination(s).

Taurus of the Week: Pinky Lee

You will **divine** nothing more from the universe, no matter how skilled you may be at uncovering. You have determined all that is necessary. You are now called to just take the chance on what you have figured out so far. So prod no further. Instead experience the divine mystery that lies before you, brimming with the juice of revelation, which is yours for the risky taking.

Gemini of the Week: Arthur Russell

Don't sacrfiice what you love most, crabs. Nor should you ask others to give up what is so dear to themselves. Instead cling stubbornly to your own loving wishes. Chain yourself to your heart, in an exhibitionist style if it's necessary to make the point that you are utterly serious.

Cancer of the Week: Jaden Smith

There is just one minor but overly important ingredient missing from your magic recipe, cats. As trivial as it may seem, this one small piece makes all the difference. The last "little" detail is crucial and key to your complete enlightenment, happiness, and inspiration. Without it things just don't make as much sense, shine as brightly, or feel as fun.

Leo of the Week: Peter O' Toole

Cling to your method like white sticks to rice this week virg. Come hell or high winds, take your pure truths with you for the ride. Persist with your knowledge, in the face of raging storms. Protect your wisdom the way you would a small child, fiercely rigid but on your feet, your movements calm yet never ceasing.

Virgo of the Week: Leo Tolstoy

Tell your story, scales. Share your perspective, experience, and inspirations. You have accumulated enough of each of those over time to begin a parade of sights, sounds, and stories. Emit your highest frequency, up close and at a distance, tapping first into your own and then into the crowd's superest super-consciousness.

Libra of the Week: transistor radio

Nothing is as you thought it was. Keep that in mind and you may enjoy this part of the journey most fully. Gather the courage to relinquish expectation from your mind's eye. Then you may see most clearly the treasures of the land before you, glistening with a shine that, though golden, glows in a way that is different than what you are used to, have ever known, or could guess at.

Scorpio of the Week: "Frida" Lynstad

Let your heart be a furnace, then. Become the accomplice of your passions, desires, urges and ideas. Then you may commence to dance together in harmony- clothes-less, fancy, and free. Let it happen, archers. Thats all.

Sagitarius of the Week: Raduan Nassar

We are each just a piece of very valuable real-estate, with different but equally worthy properties. Treat thyself and thy neighbor as such, goats. Farm the heart the way you would a crop- pulling at the good stuff, and gently discarding and ignoring the debris. Concentrate on cultivating the hidden talents and strengths that lie further within.

Capricorn of the Week: The discovery of the south pole

Be still, water bearer. Stay around long enough for the fruit to bear. Be patient. Wait so that you may reap what you yourself have sown. Don't move. Surrender to the moment, and the abundance you seek will instantaneously burst forth in full color/flavor/form.

Aquarius of the Week: Thomas Merton

NO ONE else can do NOTHING more. The rest is up to you, fish. You are the master mechanic, piecing together what bits of fate you have so far collected. While you weave, let every movement be a reflection of the world that lies within you, as a way of bringing it into the world that is outside of you.

Pisces of the Week: Todd Field