Week of June 2, 2010

As much as I am a pure lover of the heat of sunlight, my nordic skin tone can only handle so much of it. As opposed to the ten or so hours I would LIKE to spend receiving the sizzling rays of heaven, I usually have to retreat to a shady spot after a certain amount of time, mainly so that I can do it all again the next day. Similarly, rams, it'd be wise to give up a little of something you enjoy so that you don't get "burned out". Pace yourself, for the sake of an ultimately healthier/ long term union.

Aries of the Week: DJ Premier

Are you ready to catch the scorching fever of romance? Then leave your door open, bulls, propped in a gesture of meeting and greeting such fate. Wear your enthusiasm on your sleeve- the same place we ought to find your sizzling heart all week long.

Taurus of the Week: C.C. DeVille

One of the ways to transcend Karma on the Kabbalistic tree of life, is to travel what the mystics call the "path of the arrow". This is known as the route that ends up directly at spirit, bypassing the distractions of human habit as well as the obstacles of the material world. That sounds like the type of course the universe has set up for you this month-a direct ascent, sans tricks, diversions, pressure,etc.

Gemini of the Week: Michael Gross

State your terms, crabs. Once you've made those clear, just sit back and relax. Ponder on the root of the word CHAOS, which comes from the Greek, and translates as "to yawn" or "gape". Treat the abstract energy around you as such. In other words, once you close certain doors, different ones will swing open, creating a temporary state of healthy, free-wheeling limbo.

Cancer of the Week: Civil Rights Act

Use your status to benefit those who need it most. Let your charming glow illuminate the darkest corners. Share your power with the most hardworking among you. Bestow your loving grace on the loyalest of hearts. Those are the folks who deserve your glory most of all.

Leo of the Week: MTV

My father likens his new favorite game of golf to a round of chess. He claims that a person must remain wise, even- keeled, analytical, and worry free all at the same time in order to succeed. Similarly, virg, to put a hole-in-one in the coming days, you'll have to do a balancing act as graceful as it is focused.

Virgo of the Week: Henry Louis Gates JR

There are some days I'd easily choose a book over a party, or a good film over a hot date. That's the part of me I consider to be Libran in nature. Like those born under the sign of the scales, some of my most romantic encounters have been with words, theories, works of art and diagrams. Like you, I'm always trying to have an experience with plants, animals, people, and the earth that is as exciting as the one I always have with ideas...

Libra of the Week: the chevy camaro, AKA panther

I have always been a discoverer of treasures. On any given day, I can find money, books, clothes, computers, antiques and precious gems. Im certain that so many "gifts" end up in my possession because I usually turn immediately around to send them off to their proper places. I urge you to be as specifically generous this week scorp, not only to improve your own fortune, but to shake your sharpest instincts looooooooose.

Scorpio of the Week: the peace treaty of the Pyrenees

This week I celebrated memorial day in the park where I work every morning and afternoon, as a symbol of my gratitude for its constant devotion to me. I avoided two picnics, one BBQ and a beach invitation to sit and write in one of my favorite spots. As soon as I plopped myself down, I heard my favorite rock musician Jimi Hendrix blaring from the mini speakers next to me. I took it as a clear sign- that for the moment- I was just exactly where I needed to be...

Sagitarius of the Week: Julie Delpy

It is said of angels that they dwell mostly on the inside while humans dawdle on the outside. This spring and summer are begging for your overt expression, goats. Not only is it safer than you would have guessed to come out come out wherever you are, but you're also a lot stronger than the last time you made an appearance. You've got new and improved techniques-aimed at better coping with us mere mortals.

Capricorn of the Week: Chara

You resemble a bird more strongly than the rest of us. Like the winged ones, you also fly high and for long periods of time. You see things from the sky's point of view and on any given day, you can be seen gliding through the clouds. Therefore it's not surprising that the omens advise you to head for the trees. That's your most natural birth and resting place.

Aquarius of the Week: Oxygen TV

Maintain the purity of your heart at all costs. Similarly, stand by the wishes of your dreams, whatever the demands. Lastly, remain true to the vastness of your pure expression, despite what muscle, flexibility, and/or stamina it requires of you. YOU CAN DO IT.

Pisces of the Week: Dakota Fanning