Week of May 25, 2010

Make honesty your number one policy, rams. Get to the "bottom" of things that way. Follow your emotions to their end by telling the truth every step of the way. Notice what your feelings change into, once you begin to let them loose. Let what arises naturally unfold so that it may reveal its most authentic self.

Aries of the Week: first official panda crossing

You'd likelier be more happy if you stopped checking for progress, bulls. Gather the faith required to release expectations, so that you are better able to guage the actuality of all situations. Forget about what you WANT, so you may notice and fully enjoy what you've already GOT.

Taurus of the Week: Martha Graham

If your house is anything less than a happy one, change things around twins. Kick all the overly haunting demons to the curb and invite the mystical light directly into your midst. At the least, it will serve as an excellent reminder-that you are the sole keeper of your domain, with fulll rights to say what comes and goes.

Gemini of the Week: Fernando Leon de Aranoa

Habits are hard to break. However, your particular destiny will wait no longer, crabs. The train to total fortune is sounding its last bells. So break free most immediately and ride on to what at first seems like an escape but what you will eventually discover is only a return to a long lost but nonetheless a topmost priority.

Cancer of the Week: rabies vaccine

Listen closely to your elders this week, cats. They'll be the only ones who posess what magic you seek. Among them are some of the world's greatest mathematicians, advisers, world travelers, and healers. Therefore they carry the power of secret formula, wise counsel, mythology,and antidote- any and all of which are both useful and pain relieving.

Leo of the Week: Roger Federer

Child proof your emotional life, virg. If it isn't fit for a newborn, then it isn't fit for you. Cleanse your mind and heart of all "poison" this week. Take the salt out of all outstanding wounds, once and for all. Make freshness the over-riding rule. What is simple and pure may thus fully thrive.

Virgo of the Week: the Cannes Film Festival

Ahmed Yousef Moustafa,chief of the restoration department of the Egyptian Antiquities service, was chosen to direct the recovery, preservation, and reconstruction of the "Pharoah's Boat", the mode of transport used by the Egyptians to cross over to the afterlife. It took him over two years and five tries to reassemble the original 1224 pieces, during which time he and his team became both pioneers of new techniques and better masters of the ancient process.

Libra of the Week: the Skye Bridge

Go back and re-read your notes one last time this week Scorpio. Each time you do, you'll gain an alternative perspective. Hold your truths up to the light so that all the specific points and colorful dynamics may be understood. Revisit the material until the pieces come together in a new way- one that is at once as logical as it is awe-inspiring.

Scorpio of the Week: Stephen Austin

Stick to your routine like glue, archers. Not only does practice make perfect, but its also grounding. Your constant efforts will be the cause of your own stability this week. Such dedication will hone your skills as well as focus your efforts and foster your concentration- creating a type of spiritual invincibility.

Sagitarius of the Week: Shirley Jackson

Let your "status" be determined not by your public success, goats, but be judged by what perserverance. loyalty and determination you have always shown. Whether or not you receive the praise and reward you feel you deserve, hold your head up high goats. Take full pride in your ethics. Stride with the strength of your own best intentions, which have their own ultimate and more fulfilling payoff.

Capricorn of the Week: Empress Elizabeth of Russia

If you are suddenly shipwrecked this week, make the best of it water bearers. It's always been your long lost dream to live on a forgotten island, apart from the average-ness of society. Enjoy the ecstasy of isolation this week, this time right alongside with your other "lost" companions...

Aquarius of the Week: San Francisco issues marriage licenses to same sex couples

Eventually your rage will give way to enlightenment, fish. After a certain point, what is heavy will float, what is at first dark will shine brighter than before. Breathe through the tighter spots this week, certain that all pain is a pathway to a revival of a power that is livelier and more pure than before.

Pisces of the Week: a 4400 year old mummy is found near the pyramid of Cheops