Week of May 18, 2010

Register this week for your adult education classes, rams. "School" is just about to be in session. Gather just the materials you'll need to listen best. Buy some good hiking shoes/leave your makeup bag at home. Take comfortable clothing instead. You'll need only that to have full "contact with the raw universe"-course # 1.

Aries of the Week: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Listen to your crops. Your own fruits, flowers, forests, etc., have all the "answers" you seek. Let the seed which has bloomed provide the : attitude, direction, protection, and grace you need. Let your soul be nourished by what complete treatment your own garden offers.

Taurus of the Week: Rick Moranis

Out of the vast universe of words to choose from, it is your challenge to opt for as few as possible that say it BEST. While you sift through the choices of your vast vocabularic catalogue, gather the ones that translate your point- in the interest of communicating most clearly to your dedicated and lucid audience- the business that you mean.

Gemini of the Week: Magna Carta

I see you're coming out of the closet swinging. That's also exactly how the universe prefers to see you interacting with your surroundings-exploding on the scene with passionate beauty. Continue to bust your way out of any restrictive cornerings. Grow wider in the face of pain, joyfully dancing past loss, on to the beat of what is newly possible NOW.

Cancer of the Week: Medgar Evers

Give the people what they want, leos. To lend your total shine grants your wish as well as theirs, anyway... So whats the delay? If you desire to burst free from expectation/go way beyond them, the choice is yours. There is no force in your "way" that could prevent your complete exhbitiion.

Leo of the Week: Maria Chapman

The season of guilt and martyrdom has officially ended. Let the spirit of feast and indulgence thus begin its overt celebration. May you virgos spend the coming week fully engaging your most fantastic whims. May excitement replace your misery as you take an extra dip in the rainbow pool of your particular choosing.

Virgo of the Week: Regine Chassagne

Give your letter of notice, scales, whatever that is in specific regards to. Even if the time of departure has not exactly arrived, your announcement ensures that it WILL. Until you actually leave, you can then wile away the hours in dreamy anticipation for your ascent to the next level of high being.

Libra of the Week: Clive Owen

You can take back over from here. Kindly tap on the shoulder the one who was standing in your place while you were away. You had to put out some fires (getting extra strong in the process), but now you are ready to resume your position as loving empress of the seas. While you were gone, you came up with a way to give all you've got without being endangered. Bring that tool with you, so you can stay where you belong forever after.

Scorpio of the Week: forerunner patents for MONOPOLY

You've got a friend, archers. As independent as you are, it is good to remember this is in the coming months. Let the idea register for a moment before you make any moves. There is at least one person you could trust with your life. I advise you to turn your love and attention in their direction as soon as you are certain of their identity. Treat the partnership with constant respect and it will show you what it's worth.

Sagitarius of the Week: Our Lady of Guadalupe

There are an abundance of fans that are wildly waving in Employ the stream of consciousness technique this week goats. Let all words, thoughts, and feelings flow straight from you without concern for the inevitable chaos that follows. That's how you'll come to discover as well as understand best your deepest inclinations. Without your own regulation, what is knocking on your heart's door may flood forth.

Capricorn of the Week: Gaby Hoffman

Break from all molds- new and old-water bearer. Without the extra casing you may cruise the streets, lakes, and aisles of your choosing. You no longer need don the armor nor carry the the weight of such costumage. Abandon heavy gear so that you may nakedly roam, rock, and roll instead.

Aquarius of the Week: Paul Newman

Don't go chasing waterfalls, fish. But do go bathe and misbehave in them whenever you get the chance. Let pouring waters heal you with their gushing powers. Be renewed by their glistening, clear flavors. Drink freely of their refreshments, sent to revive your pure spirit.

Pisces of the Week: Chicago