Week of May 9, 2010

Defend the territory (of your choosing). The omens predict that the summer months will offer you a chance to fight for a cause you fnd most worthy and honorable. So if/when the initial opportunity presents itself this week, ask yourself the following questions: For whom/what do you have the highest respect? How can you pay tribute to that BEST?

Aries of the Week: Maceo

Decide what it is you DONT want first, Taurus. Once you've eliminated what you need to from your "list", start from scratch. To celebrate the season of your birth, loosen your collar. Forget all your "obligations" for the time being. If responsibilty was not an issue, who/what would you do? Maybe that includes taking more risk than you're used to, are comfortable with, prefer, or believe you can manage- but what is a bull's life without a big, fat juicy challenge?

Taurus of the Week: Judy Collins

The akashic plane is known as the psychic realm, or the dimension of pure energy. This is the place where all wizards go to first in order to learn about and practice doing their magic. Once they have animated their dreams, the next step is to take those to the material level, where they can manifest into a reality. Twins, your own inventions are ready for the next stage of existence. With the help of the buxom bull, lend a solid heartbeat to your creations.

Gemini of the Week: Annette Benning

In many cultures a shaman is called a "wounded healer", as a reminder that you can't heal others until you heal yourself. So lick the last of your abrasions CRAB. The time will soon come to cure others with what knowledge and inspiration you gained on your own path to wellness. Be sure to emphasize the part about how, once you began to act fully on your own behalf, things suddenly and rapidly began to change for the better.

Cancer of the Week: Desmond Dekker

Chinese medicine declares that the perfection of the life force rests on the presence of "DE"-that which is known as the original nature, prior to and distinct from moral consideration or conscious effort. It is unfettered by life experience and is thus likened to the worldview of an infant. It is unafiliated with the obstacles of mundane experience and is therefore paralleled to the forces of divinity. It posesses a boundless level of energy and no mind with which to constantly judge and alter responses. Its consistently receptive state provides the perfect channel for creative flow and is hitherto compared to those born under the sign of the Lion.

Leo of the Week: Barbara Deming

Evidently, it is NOT a priestess' job to do any of the work for their students, nor even it is their duty to intercede on their behalf in order to make a request to the divine powers. Keep that in mind this week, master/mistress Virgo. The less you entertain the notion of another's inablity, the more capable they become. If it isn't your job to pray for others, then you've got plenty more space with which to communicate with your own creative center.

Virgo of the Week: Evan Rachel Wood

At one time, women ruled the earth. When that was the case, there were no reports of weapons or bomb shelters. There was an abundance of agriculture, and communities were tight knit and well functioning. The matriarchy which came to be known as "the old religion" began to be over- turned and annihilated beginning around 4000 BCE. Since that time, the laws of the patriarchy have remained in place of the order of women from East to West. I offer you this world tale for your consideration, scales. It appears that what swings one way can swing another, and vice versa. Because you are a sign that well understands the importance of equity for continued health and wellness, I pose the question to you: Whats the best way to even the score?

Libra of the Week: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

It's not that the "fax" wasn't being sent. It's just that you weren't receiving it. To make sure that doesn't happen again, scorp, create a secret/quiet/ clean space. Put all your engagements on hold, and empty out your inbox. With less traffic on your personal roadway, it will be much easier to relay this vital and pure message. Then open your ears, eyes and heart. Without expectation or fear of being hurt, there can be less of a chance that you don't hear what you are meant to.

Scorpio of the Week: Joe Walsh

In describing her inititation into the study and practice of the Goddess, Phyliss Curot explains: "If the past were not as we had been raised to believe, the future opened before us as a vision of entirely new possibilities." This idea can be precisely applied to the context of your own life, archers. In other words, forget everything you thought you knew. The more you surrender the old ideas, the sooner you can begin to sail the open, new seas.

Sagitarius of the Week: Johnny Mercer

There are an abundance of fans that are wildly waving in support of your plans, goats. They mean to exhbit their unflagging appreciation for your developments. Notice them for a moment before you move further with your agenda. Acknowledge what love and enthusiasm exists in your righteous name. Those are the people you are always striving to protect and preserve with your simply brilliant ideas.

Capricorn of the Week: "Fundamental Orders"-the first written constitution

Cleopatra set several precedents as female ruler of the ancient Roman empire. One of those included the establishment of the color purple as a symbol of royalty. Apparently, she naturally preferred this deep and vibrant shade. Her style- like your own- happened to catch on like a wildfire, one with a light that would burn for centuries ever after.

Aquarius of the Week: vision of the VIRGIN MARY at Lourdes

There are two types of "magic". One is called high magic, and is concerned with being in the presence of the God and Goddess and experiencing that divintiy in the surrounding world. The other is named practical magic and includes the casting of spells for health, wealth, love and abundance. I challenge you fish to discover the ways in which these two branches naturally overlap, support and directly relate to one another in the week ahead.

Pisces of the Week: Patricia K. Morrison