Week of May 1, 2010

A worthy opponent/adversary is in your midst. The stars advise that you'd be wise to embrace the opportunity to test your strengths and identify your weaknesses. Both awarenesses can only assist you as you attempt to properly strategize your next, vital-est moves.

Aries of the Week: Martin Lawrence

You'll have to listen carefully and closely in order to hear a message you've lately been avoiding. Deciphering the truth of the times, though shocking at first, is also necessary to your future health and happiness. Your ability to comprehend a certain wisdom will inform what loving direction you soon should take.

Taurus of the Week: Alela Diane

The wind blew extra hard in NYC this week, even splitting trees in half by the force of it. It reminded me of you, twins, the way you're known for shaking things up. Coming up, you'll either be the one coming out of the corner or shedding light upon it. Either way, revelation/reverberation/celebration will ensue.

Gemini of the Week: Curtis Mayfield

Dear Cancer, If I could sing you a lullaby which sent your fears a-packing, I would. If I had the power to exorcise all demons from your midst, I'd do it. I wish I could wisk you away on a magical luxury cruise to the bahamas. I'd do ANYTHING to bring you the feelings of peace, safety, and joy. Love, your (not so secret) admirer.

Cancer of the Week: the cyclone roller coaster opens at Coney Island

During one of Black Elk's frequent vision quests, in the later part of his chief life, he sits for three days without hearing or seeing a thing. On the last day an eagle appears to inform Black Elk that the spirits have been silently honoring him this time, as a symbol of reverence and respect for his wise and loving leadership. Black Elk is thus filled with a sense of awe and power that is at once humbling, uplifting, and surprising.

Leo of the Week: AFL

It's appropriate to act with full intensity this week, virg. In other words, hesitate not to reveal the full scope of your intelligence, concern, conviction, strength and prowess. Unveil the secret you've been cultivating. Plant it's seed in the open, fertile fields.

Virgo of the Week: Lord Jamar

Let your eyes focus only on what lies directly before you, scales. With strict and full attention on only the moment at hand, you'll become less confused, torn, scattered, and shattered and more certain, confident, omniscent and prepared to do the "right" thing.

Libra of the Week: the first gay rights March on Washington DC

This would be a good time to fake your own death scorp. Not literally, but symbolically. This ritual could not only be a way of expressing the full surrender of your heart, but also is a perfect way to lay certain fears and confusions to peaceful rest. Shedding one skin will reveal another, fresher type of robe-age.

Scorpio of the Week: Ali Farka Toure

Imagine you're a tree. You CANT be moved from your point. You're as firmly rooted in the earth as a 3000 year old sycamore. The chances of you straying are therefore zero. Once you get over the initial panic of that truth, a deep and sweet relief will ease into and reverberate within you.

Sagitarius of the Week: Ridley Scott

Most mothers in the animal kingdom will visciously attack any outside force that threatens their young. Humans are not that different. And rightly so. Thats the job of a caregiver, right? To ensure the safe growth of their loved ones? So if you need to show a little teeth this week then, go ahead goats. Be extra protective of the most vulnerable and exposed member of your litter.

Capricorn of the Week: Victoria Williams

All thats left to do is leap, water bearer. You've brought your own self to the cliff's edge. All that lies before you is the expanse, open and free. Whats the delay, then? Are you wondering at last, if your wings will actually work? Don't fret-these are God given. You were born into the world with those high tech flyers.

Aquarius of the Week: Lupe Fiasco

If someone/thing tries to prevent your truths this week, fish, shout a little louder. If a blockade should suddenly appear in the road before you, may you use what speed, courage and clairvoyance you posess to maneuver over, around, or beneath it. Show off your skills this week. Use them to meet your boldest objectives.

Pisces of the Week: Lilly Taylor