Week of April 23, 2010

Rams, give it one last kick in the air, then rest your legs. You've been gallavanting around all month, hooing and hawing. Now is therefore a good time to have a seat-replenishing your juices and restoring your mojo. Drop whatever load you've lately been carrying. It'll do your mind and body a much needed favor.

Aries of the Week: Amy Ray

You're way ahead of all the games, bulls. So go ahead and take the lead. As we enter the season of your birth, there could be no better time for you to assert your wisdom. Guide the group, small or large, by the burning light of all you know. Extend your sturdy hand to what eager hearts surround you.

Taurus of the Week: Joan of Arc ends the Siege of Orleans

L-O-V-E is a four letter word, simple in structure and meaning. It requires no calculation, determination, or approximation. The force of it cannot be fought against, because it's a seeping watery material. To raise your arms against it is akin to battling a swimming pool. Embrace it, play with it,survive it- but seek not to conquer it.

Gemini of the Week: Zoe Saldana

Raise the stakes this week, crabs. It's a perfect time. Double your honey to triple your money. Now could begin a long pattern of profiting directly from your own sense of style. Prove how much you trust in it first- by way of your riskiest moves- every day/allday.

Cancer of the Week: Ambrose Bierce

In one ancient Greek version of the leo's origins, the constellation isn't a cat, but a beautiful fur coat, which Hercules wrestled off the back of a mean lion who was tormenting the locals. From then on, the enemy's fur became an enchanted coat of armor, and it's mane a helmet to protect Hercules from harm. It's a good reminder this week, cats, that from the start yours is the myth of the righteous and courageous hero, the strength of whose love for the people may safely overcome even the most threatening of beasts.

Leo of the Week: Fatboy Slim

Repeat the methods that have always "worked". virg. Then ditch the ones that have never actually had any success. Focus your attention on the energy that is rapidly building, and stop knocking altogether on closed doors. Where the hand is out-stretched, take it. Where you must pry the fingers open, forget about it. Where the road opens, walk through. When you must fight your way on the path, opt for a detour.

Virgo of the Week: Tori Amos

Looking for love, scales? Well if you open your heart, eyes, and ears wide enough, you'll discover that it's everywhere. It's in the spots you've always known about as well as hidden in some that you had no idea of. May you enjoy the adventure before you, reveling in the glorious freedom of brother and sisterhood this coming week.

Libra of the Week: Las Cruces, New Mexico

The choice is yours, scorp. It always was, and forever will be. As long as you keep that in mind, paranoia will fade and become easily replaced by a sense of deep knowing. Instead of trying to convince others of your magic, simply perform it. Pursue your romantic sentiment as wildly as a galloping horse- fast,furious, and absolutely untameable.

Scorpio of the Week: Margaret Mead

Let your eye actually wander away from the ball this week, archers. Be less concentrated, as a way of opening new doors. Without focus on winning, you may feel things most fully, wandering blissfully into the great sea of tumbling emotions, as beholden as the breeze itself, free to openly and aimlessly roam.

Sagitarius of the Week: Dawn Robinson

This week while at the Central Park children's petting zoo, I observed that the Mountain goats were half jumping out of their cages. I assume it has something to do with the 25 cent food pellets that are constantly being fed to them by mini visitors. It was a disturbing scene, to say the least. In any case, cap, let this week be the start of your own hunger strike. Beg not for measly peanuts. Demand what you are so clearly worthy of.

Capricorn of the Week: Michael Stipe

With-hold judgment. That's not only how you can see most clearly, but it's also how you can steer fully clear of un-necessary drama. Let the histrionics float on by you this week, water juggler. You've got bigger and better fish to fry right now. So get cooking-ASAP.

Aquarius of the Week: the appollo Theater reopens in Harlem

To learn a lesson, model it. To bring your understanding to the ultimate level, practice your skills. Test the waters fish! Be not overly concerned with success at this stage. Just give it a genuine try. Your application, will, at the least, ease anxiety/trigger your sense of personal power.

Pisces of the Week: Patty Waters