Week of April 16, 2010

According to reports, wolves are "relational by nature, inquiring, posessed of great endurance and strength, deeply intutitve, intensely concerned with their young, their mates, and their pack, experienced in adapting to constantly changing circumstances, fiercely stalwart and very brave." It's clear that such a creature must be a cousin of the ram, as the characteristics listed above so closely resemble your own.

Aries of the Week: DJ Afrikaa Bambataa

The moment has come to be as specific as you are prolific, bulls. Reveal the facts, in a fashion that is as poetic as it is perfunctory. With the season of you just around the corner, the spotlight will soon beam upon thee. Bask in the extra light, using it to carry out a long standing, deeply important agenda.

Taurus of the Week: Grace Jones

Where do you come from, twins? Shout it from the mountain-top. Speak at length about your roots, physical or non. From what source have you derived your knowledge of, love for, and trust in the universe. Make a grand exhibition of what energies have politely sustained you, thus far.

Gemini of the Week: "Born in the USA"

Free thyself from what chains have been overly binding, crabs. Use the upcoming strength of the bull to push hard against oppressive forces. Use all your might to force your way past the bully in your midst. The astral powers shall thus unite to lend their own potent cosmic assistance.

Cancer of the Week: Act against salvery in upper canada

Tis the season to become overly loud, sassy, and savory. The bull welcomes the flavor of the lion with arms more open and able than all others. May you take the time to thus properly deliver your fire and also rest at ease in the comfort of pure/ total acceptance.

Leo of the Week: Dominican Republic National Anthem "Himno Nacional"

Magnum Opus is defined as "the greatest single work of an artist, writer, or composer." Perhaps you are about to begin to create such a design? Or maybe you already have? I'll leave it to you to discover the answer to that, virg, but in any case, you will either start to weave such a masterpiece, complete one, or admire such a finished product.

Virgo of the Week: Clara Schuman

Tis the season of the scales' illumination. This week your spirit will begin a pattern of brightness, which will have you brimming with ideas, excitement, awareness, optimism, and courage. That's just what kind of shine you now need to feel. Accept the electrical rays with ease then, remaining a constant open channel for their sparkling currents.

Libra of the Week: Edison Electric Light Company

This week will just require practice. For the raging sea of scorpio, it may seem counter-intutive to navigate your tides to the proper shores. But to do so is currently vital to your health and wellness. Begin by feeding those people, places and ideas only that you wish to cultivate. It will make all the difference in your sense of personal power, safety, and control.

Scorpio of the Week: Goddess of Reason, as proclaimed by the French Convention

Why not let someone else do the fighting for a little while, sag, while you sit for a while, admiring the view, relaxing, and dreaming the minutes away instead? If telling you this makes it any easier for you to do, then let me confirm that: there happens to be at least one person/partner/friend who is as capable of you of meeting the challenge, but who is also less exhausted right now and therefore more able to concentrate on the battle at hand.

Sagitarius of the Week: Marina Abramovic

Even though "easter", the mythical celebration of resurrection, has already passed, your own rebirth has not yet taken place goats. But it will soon. It's just like you to keep us waiting, wondering, and wishing. You are always teaching the rest of us amateur mountain climbers how to remain patient, waiting for just the right moment, the one where ears/eyes are most open and ready to receive pure vision.

Capricorn of the Week: Georgia flag is restored after 500 years

Sign on the dotted line, dear. I dare you. That's a sweet deal you're being offered. The fine print only requires that you remain here on earth, occassionally lending the presence of your spirit to our planet. But look at all you get out of it-friends, family, fun, and the freedom to openly roam. There's no catch, water bearer. I assure you.

Aquarius of the Week: the first gold record

You are on the journey homeward, fish. No matter how long it takes, be certain that you've got your feet planted on the right path. There may be detours and divets but for now, your gait is steady and strengthening. Proceed- your sense of belonging ever building and consequentially fueling the remainder of your spiritual quest.

Pisces of the Week: Letoya Luckett