Week of April 9, 2010

Native americans believe that Everything which lives on earth is the same color red. That also happens to be your personal tint, rams. This is the shade of your specific planet, called MARS, the celestial body that fuels action, providing the constant determination and continuous momentum needed to survive and thrive. It is just like a giant heart, volcanic in temperature and force.

Aries of the Week: Ellis Island processes more people than any other day in History

Are you a trifle disturbed? Tossing and turning in your sleep? Then it's probably time to shake, rattle, and roll onward. Practice the art of the season which recommends we act on ideas and feelings when they arise, as soon as they pop in. Test the waters, bulls, to see if your immediate response does not at least partially alleviate overwrought sentiment for you and your loved ones.

Taurus of the Week: Sitting Bull leads Lakota into Canada to avoid harassment by the US army

Precision is of particular importance this week, twins. To see clearly, eliminate the debris of the past. Remove whatever current barriers also lie between you and an ability to hear your own voice. As appreciated as the opinions of others are, they are also useless right now. You are actually the only one holding ALL the pertinent cards.

Gemini of the Week: Notorious B.I.G.

Like always, I see you're taking us on a lullaby cruise. Stick to your usual methods of magical rowing while keeping one eye, ear, or hand poised for assistance. Then, as you go, you may receive the required strength, spark, and knowledge for the journey- ensuring its safe and joyful arrival.

Cancer of the Week: MOntBlanc tunnel

This time is not so much about numbers and figuring, but more about decisive, heart felt move-making. You have what tools you need as well as the gumption to act. Take charge, lions, while certain to include and acknowledge your systems of support. Ride high, paying all due respect to the horse that carries you.

Leo of the Week: first commercial radio station

This week's task will excite your linguistic tendencies, virg. You are hereby challeneged to learn a new language while teaching the one you already know so well. The astral omens predict that each will feed the momentum of the other. Consider this multi-task a form of mental copulation, just a pre-cursor to other types of future promiscuity-s.

Virgo of the Week: Alice Stone Blackwell

What frightens others will amuse you this week scales. What confuses the masses will be easily grasped by you. That's all just to serve as a reminder of your highly unique perspective, experience, and intelligence, which, lately, you may have lost specific touch with.

Libra of the Week: end of the Salem Witch trials

As you continue to gather followers, students, and admirers, heed a few necessary words of advice scorpio. Firstly, continue to do things in your own way. Don't change your methods just because there are those who wish to learn from your sexy moves. Secondly, make sure you are always trusting your intuition, no matter who is watching. It is especially important that you choose creatively, outside pressure and "leader status" notwithstanding.

Scorpio of the Week: Zapatista Army of National Liberation

Have a seat, archers. That's how you can be fed, healed and enlightened. Don't plan on getting up anytime soon. It will take a long while to nourish your senses, bring down your mental and emotional defense and inform you of certain body-shocking, life-empowering, ground breaking truths. Enjoy.

Sagitarius of the Week: Joseph Rainey becomes the first black US congressman

It's time to face the (overly loud) music, capricorn. To side-step the situation any further would be ineffective. Luckily, tis the season of confronation. Let the ram's fire add a boost of flavor to your endeavors this week. Embrace the spirit of sass that is in the air. Use the pizazz to set the records straight, once and for all, goats.

Capricorn of the Week: Marlene Dietrich

Everyone's looking for some of you? But of course. So what? What is it that YOU want, water bearers, in return for your own potent energy? Figure that out first this week, before you get whisked away by flattery, curiosity, or desire. Then you can steer the metaphorical boat in the direction of your exact choosing.

Aquarius of the Week: Anne of Great Britain

Lend your merry/meticulous musings to our proverbial table, fishes. All is bland without your vision. Speak at length from your imaginary place. Tell us in specific detail what you see, hear, feel and understand to be true. Notice the hush that falls over the crowd, demonstrating the deep willingness of the populace to know the secrets that you do.

Pisces of the Week: The Phoenix Lights