Week of April 2, 2010

As the ascent deepens and steepens, take breaths.  Become lost in the height, floating onward and up.  Fight not to maintain gravity.  See if you
can't reach the top by simply allowing that miracle to take place, rams...

Aries of the Week: "Electric Theater"

Listen for the cue, bulls.  More importantly, know that anyone/thing can be the messenger.  The bell's ring may be heard within the tick-tock of a
clock, be
found on the smiling face of a stranger, or divined from the mysterious arrangement of clouds on any given day...

Taurus of the Week: SKYLAB

Fight not with the powers that formed you, twins.  Instead, let them do and say as they wish.  Such an exercise will not only lend you answers where
there are none but will also simultaneousy re-establish your trust in the universe, which is right now necessary to your personal evolution.

Gemini of the Week: Herculeez

If it were up to me, I'd change the name of your zodiac sign to something less sickly. You don't resemble a disease in the least. You're more like a technicolor flower, stretching out its neck to be specifically recognized, admired, and considered instead for its uniquely immortal properties.

Cancer of the Week: Moises Alou

I advise you to gather all the last bits of information/facts this week before you make any judgment calls, sound any battle cries, or make any grandiose proposals. You have ALMOST every part you need, approximately eighty-nine percent of it...

Leo of the Week: "The Wizard of OZ"

Certain suspicions will be confirmed this week, most of which are just what you have known for a while. So, the question then becomes- what, exactly are you gonna do about it? Now that you know FOR SURE, what's the appropriate move?

Virgo of the Week: Anne Geddes

You need not be either nice nor viscious. All that is crucial to your sense of peace and joy is that you continue to heed the music. Listen for every note and follow along. As long as you stay within the rhythm, nothing can actually go "wrong."

Libra of the Week: The Whirlpool Galaxy

I urge you not to be sad, mad, or gloomy this week scorp. Instead, tap into your creative reserves and get "even". Don't waste your time and energy on futile whimpering. Rather, re-prove your power by taking it back up and riding with it out onto the town, wolverine teeth gleaming with love's triumph in the eerie half-light of the moon.

Scorpio of the Week: Booker T. Jones

Archers, success lies not in the putting out of small fires. In fact, those are simply techniques used to distract you from the bigger pictures by those who stand threatened by the vastness of your magic. With that in mind, ignore the illusory "emergencies" around you and proceed along to your final destination.

Sagitarius of the Week: Maria Callas

Do whatever you must to get your point across, goats. But at the same time, be not overly concerned with whether or not you are heard or understood. Speak through the haze and malaise, steady as a choo-choo train, pushing forth with your agenda, letting your own conviction be the guiding light, your personal confidence the fuel of continued transport.

Capricorn of the Week: AJ MCLean

In between your tireless campaigning, water bearer, take a rest. Make those as frequent as personally necessary. Mini-vacations will be especially key in this upcoming week of mounting excitement and super-challenge. I assume you'll want to stay standing for the whole shebang.

Aquarius of the Week: Chynna Phillips

Imagine there is nothing standing in the way of you and total success fish. What, then, would you do? Where would you live? With whom? How would you spend your time? Such dreaming need not remain a fantasy, master pisces, but can instead now more easily translate into physical reality.

Pisces of the Week: Pilar Bardem