Week of March 26, 2010

If you reach any pearly gates this week remember: The password that grants you entrance is on the tip of your tongue. Don't think about it too hard or for very long. Just speak what is usually in your heart, rams. Let it roll out of your mouth, as natural to you as breathing. This word is a part of your personal vernacular, one that permits you to slip right through the "steel" bars of paradise.

Aries of the Week: Julia Alvarez

Imagine there is only a blank canvas before you. How will you use your chance at a clean slate, bulls? I hope you overly enjoy the time you are given to tell a new story/ paint a fresh picture/ provide an alternative glimpse of reality. It seems you are well prepared for this type of challenge, and in fact have been just patiently waiting for a chance to replace the paradigm.

Taurus of the Week: Alan Ball

This week you twins gain a co-captain for your sky ship. Don't get too nervous if his/her style is not like your own. For instance, if your co-pilot's idea is to veer closer to earth and perhaps even anchor the cruise for a while, remain open to the idea. Maybe your cosmic boat could use some healthy docking time to unload, unwind, recharge and refresh.

Gemini of the Week: International Surrealist Convention

It's the perfect time to learn new ways, crabs. Spring has arrived, eager to show itself off to you. May your mind and heart remain empty of expectation and past experience enough that you may collect their wisdom, grasp their talent, model their tricks and be entertained by their unique frame of reference. School is officially in session.

Cancer of the Week: 14th amendment

It'd be better to spend your time composing love sonnets than it would be to try and convince him/her of your point. It'd be more effective to court your objective than it would be to confront it. Let your handsome eyes, curly locks, and gentle limbs do most if not ALL the talking this week.

Leo of the Week: Elliot Smith

Trust your inner-most judgment. But more importantly, ACT directly on its behalf. Remove the middle man/woman, virg. Own your desires, perceptions, and intuitions single-handedly. See if this doesn't solve certain riddles for good/relieve outstanding spiritual burden/ cause instant but lasting feelings of unstoppable joy.

Virgo of the Week: Dean DeLeo

You've been caught, scales! A "gentle" onlooker sees you for exactly who you are. There isn't much you can do to escape that fact this week. Someone spies your beautiful soul, past all illusory techniques you typcially use to distract others from that truth. If you can trust the universe that this is precisely what you need/want instead of believing it is cause to run and hide, you will GREATLY benefit from being so openly watched, understood and appreciated.

Libra of the Week: Kepler's Star observed for the first time

May you be a slave to your eyes and ears this week scorp. Open those orfices most fully. Let the music of the atmosphere move easily through them, cleansing your heart and stimulating your mind. Spend enchanted moments in an inner and outer reverie which is constantly and miraculously flowing.

Scorpio of the Week: "Twilight"

Halt, in order to fully recognize where you currently are. Be grateful for the peace that surrounds you. Thank the forces that helped you along the way, ensuring your safety and guaranteeing your success. Invite them all to the upcoming celebration, heralding your prolific fortune.

Sagitarius of the Week: The Game

Accept what help you are offered this week, goats. You are no longer "working the fields" alone. There are those of equal intelligence that come to offer their insight, perspective, wisdom, and ingenuity. Struggle not against such gifts. They are solely meant to creatively, practically, and intellectually assist you.

Capricorn of the Week: Max Roach

May you vie for less control this week, water bearers, guided instead more frequently by the desire to play. As you relinquish your need to know, you shall truly learn. Every time you give up the urge to take over, you will be fed by a light as powerful and nourishing as your own. Let go in order so that you may be let in.

Aquarius of the Week: Daniel Johnston

I see you've joined the dinner party, and are ready to sit at your place. Finally! We couldnt be happier for you to join us. You may do as you wish at this table, fish. Dream just as you would in your private-est wanderings, feeling free to tell us what you know and see. There is much to learn from your ceaseless travels.

Pisces of the Week: Mary Lou Lord