Week of March 19, 2010

Mystics of the east and west agree. It is better to align one's will with that of heaven, rather than struggle against it, lest you slip and fall into the abyss of mere mortals. Most myths end with a similar lesson- preaching that as long as one heeds the tallest call, power will multiply. One will obtain both the utensils and the energy necessary to reach those heights.

Aries of the Week: Win Butler

Victim status is over-ridden by your athletic ability. May you openly defy and rebel against the spirits that haunt you. The skys kindly remind you of your individual power and skill this week bulls. You may easily overcome all "threats". With one focused and honest glance, you could lay those ghosts to proper rest.

Taurus of the Week: Ann Margaret

As soon and as long as you make choices out of respect for yourSELF, you cease to feed further into harmful cycles of un-growth. Instead, every time you act on your own behalf, you begin to foster new patterns of repeated personal nourishment/cultivate an environment of transcendent love/ committ to your divine entitlements.

Gemini of the Week: Patti LaBelle

While others debate and quarrel this week, may you walk peacefully through the streets of your choosing. Let the anxious chatter float on by you, while you lay back and smile knowingly. That's the only "secret" to gaining entrance to heaven of any sort. Just let it happen, weapon-less, yet totally powerful.

Cancer of the Week: Ingmar Bergman

If in doubt this week, cats, use your manners. Act as gentleman/woman while maintaining your truths. That's how you may also travel along with and amidst the light that protects and sustains you. Be the (pleasant) boss, tolerant yet precise, modeling your faith in US as well as your concepts.

Leo of the Week: "Caesars Palace", Las Vegas, NV

Chinese medicine rests on the premise that when the extremities are tempered and thus re-invented as virtue, the attainment of divine knowing and health is then possible. In other words, virg, remain ever sincere in your efforts to love and work, letting such a result ocurr as naturally as always. Then you can relaaaaaaaaaax.

Virgo of the Week: Neko Case

Stay poised for the arrival of your "wishes." Patience is required to hold out for what you truly desire. Don't flinch until you get exactly what you deserve. Waiting until then will alter future relations with the world for good, establishing a perfect and permanent understanding of just where and how you are willing to compromise.

Libra of the Week: Trick Daddy

Your grasp on life is innate. Lucky you. Now, show it on the outside. Display your insides by way of poetics, aerobics, philosophical debate, gardening, painting, kissing, and singing. Let all your actions be a sacred ritual, playing out your bloomingest ideas, powerfulest intuitions, and fiercest wisdom.

Scorpio of the Week: Kamatsu Yoto

Spend the beginning part of the spring clarifying your will, archers. Reduce your desires to their most essential, eliminating what is extra. Without the distraction of superfluous need, the dimensions of your most genuine dream may exponentially grow. Pull the weeds from your imagination to increase the speed of its influence.

Sagitarius of the Week: Beck's "Midnite Vultures"

Take your traveling circus on the road, archers. Carry your proverbial blackboard on your back so that you may reach even the remotest corners. Spread your news as if it were a gospel itself. It's word is based on your intimate knowledge of the kingdom, a result of your direct and diverse experience. Do what you must to educate the populace-PRONTO.

Capricorn of the Week: Quentin Crisp

In the places where you have stood on the periphery, it is now time to move into the center. Similarly, in the areas where you are normally the authority, it'd be wise to let someone else take a turn. Switching gears in that fashion should solve most if not all so-called "problems" this week water bearers, some of which you never even knew actually existed.

Aquarius of the Week: Jennifer Aniston

Your spirit is scheduled to rise from it's metaphorical grave any time now. It's only a matter of seconds. Such an awakening will be as explosive as a volcanic eruption, as illumanting as the birth of a child, as colorful as a flower's entrance in the garden- just as noisy, attention gathering, electrically moving, and profoundly uplifting.

Pisces of the Week: Charles Moore