Week of March 12, 2010

As a method of de-coding the mystery of your life, HALT. Assume you know nothing, exorcising your mind and heart of what it previously believed. To be electrically enlightened, sacrifice your demands. There is nothing you can actively "do" to bring about your awareness. Only a willingness to stop and see what lies before you will guarantee S-U-C-C-E-S-S .

Aries of the Week: the first crossword puzzle book

Show your shimmy and fizz-PoP this week bulls. You've been storing up some extra flavor all winter and even if it isn't officially the time to emerge from hibernation, your personal astral omens gave us the go ahead TO: Let a little of you hang fully out this week and to: Enjoy every delicious, sacred minute of it.

Taurus of the Week: root beer

Your personal expression, this week, will please some while pissing off others. Where certain folks will celebrate the full extent of your communication, certain individuals will out-right reject it. Hopefully you'll be so posessed by the flaming fervor of your own truths, you will neither notice nor care about which of those reactions it elicits.

Gemini of the Week: betamax video cassette recorder

You're about to be nearer to true freedom than you have ever been before, crabs. Therefore it's particularly important that you venture forward. Rather than retreat into a position of safety or familiarity, wander FORTH, to wade in newly sparkling waters of replenishment.

Cancer of the Week: Danny Glover

Remove the salt from your wounds FIRST cats. Release past anguish, hurt, and confusion before you reach out/flash your tongue/ beat upon your breasts. Let there be an open space with which to make clear your most recent and brightest intentions. Let your arms be wide enough that this potent seed may grow and continuously develop.

Leo of the Week: Amy Adams

Show some teeth this week Virg, by way of either smiling big or biting hard. Regardless, it's the ripe time to roar and/or shine. Like the widlerness which comes to bloom in the upcoming season, your soul and spirit have also begun what appears to be a long and glorious process of unfurling their freshest selves.

Virgo of the Week: the first Jet aircraft

Search for the similarities, scales. Rather than drawing the lines of difference, seek to erase them. Prove that you can dance with anyone this week. Move out onto the floor, flaunting your ability to maneuver within and amongst, creating harmony by way of acceptance and agility. You were endowed with the grace necessary for this type of fun/mission work...

Libra of the Week: the Grand Ole Opry

This week you could, as the saying goes, "catch a fish without a hook", scorp. You will experience abundance as long as you give in to self, as it beckons and yields, without questioning, commenting or objecting to its dynamic movements. On the contrary, may you pursue your personal twists and turns in raw delight.

Scorpio of the Week: Yamaguchi Hitomi

Drum roll please! Mystery is scheduled to reveal itself. In the final moments of waiting, sag, keep a few last things in mind: The great "expanse" may be a simpler terrain than you imagined. Also, some of what is being unveiled are things you knew all along. May you be relieved rather than perturbed by that realization. It's just a clear sign of how far along you have already come.

Sagitarius of the Week: Kathryn Bigelow

Give props to you for all that you do this week, cap. May I catch you gazing narcissistically at the wonder of your own self-image. That is, until all the masks shatter and crumble, in order to reveal the greater truth of your pure spirit, fearless heart, lofty desire.

Capricorn of the Week: Phil Och

Show your softer side this week, water bearers. Lavish some TLC on yourself and others, taking greater measure to communicate the specific contents of your concern. Flex the heart's muscle as often as you have the chance. It is stronger and more willing than you remember to exercise its own unique powers.

Aquarius of the Week: the first US hospital

Let all the cats out of the bag this week, fish. Even if the initial attempt causes you to flinch, press on, in the effort to ease long standing burden. Make no attempt to regulate your thoughts and feelings. Unleash those in order to reduce pressure and liberate awareness, the crucial components to providing you with access to the large-est pools of overall existence.

Pisces of the Week: air brake