Week of March 5, 2010

Listen to the "angel" on your shoulder. Or, if you aren't exactly ready to hear what he/she has to say, try to at least remain in their presence. Welcome this stranger, for starters. Such foreign perspective is intended to be a gift. Once you release your initial fear of the offer, you may directly partake in its navigatory benefits.

Aries of the Week: Carl Perkins

Can I/we come in for a while? It's so peaceful and poetic in your room. Mind if someone hangs out in there with you for a little while? Trade your serene scene for a wild whiff of fresh air this week bulls? Opening the metaphorical window will replenish beauty, restore bliss and re-define "comfort".

Taurus of the Week: Katherine Hepburn

WARNING: This is not a trick/trap. Those aren't chains you're stepping into this time, twins. Look closer to notice that the hands extended are glowing with a diffferent light. They offer their strength for free, and provide protection without seeking something in return. Seek their shelter then, receiving rest, refuge, and gentle realization.

Gemini of the Week: "Mary Had a Little Lamb"

You're about to emerge from behind your personal curtain, moving directly towards your "prey"- the object of your personal desire. Choose their face from out of the crowd, shaking your loving fist in that direction until you make contact. Show your strong and savvy side, proving that when it comes to matters of the heart, you are no AMATEUR.

Cancer of the Week: Dublin

Lions, may you re-connect to the essence of the divine feminine this week, i.e. the source of all life. Begin by facing her. Then let her rub your belly, plant your face with kisses, and massage your wandering paws. Ease into her soft and wide arms. Let her embrace your being/ recognize your spirit. Finally, permit her to reveal her intimate-est knowledge of you.

Leo of the Week: Doc Holliday

Burn the "records", Virg. That ritual is a symbol of your vow to start from scratch. Your history as the sacrificial lamb is over... First acknowledge the change of fate. Your role as martyr ends at last and a new story begins...this a tale of rebirth told and fashioned by YOU.

Virgo of the Week: Stephen Perkins

I hope that when I call or stop by to see you this week, no one is home. If the phone rings and you're sailing through the skies, don't answer. If, while in the middle of surfing the tides, someone's knocking on your door, ignore its rapping. Be not distracted while you're walking the proverbial tight- rope scales. This is the type of concentration required to "make it" to the other side.

Libra of the Week: George C. Scott

Be totally honest with others, scorp. Speak directly from your heart on matters of the past, present, and future. Don't concern yourself right now with whether they are able to decipher your meaning. Just maintain faith in the power to transform darkness into light, bring about life after death, and let what is suffocating breath at last, by way of candid communication.

Scorpio of the Week: Catherine Deneuve

This is a perfect time to : travel deeper into your psyche, move farther past current limitations, and be the breaker of your own rules. That's how you'll (begin to) manifest the largess of what fortune you desire. Prove to the inner and outer forces that you are "ready" to cipher to the next thrilling level by first accepting the spiritual challenge.

Sagitarius of the Week: Sonia Ghandi

Respond slowly. Time may not heal all wounds, but it will certainly illuminate certain key situations for what they are. Extra space will also reveal the true intentions of others, which is essential to understand before you "move forward". Patience will unravel pertinent truths goats. So you don't have to do much, other than just wait it out.

Capricorn of the Week: Regina King

Keep your ears perched, water bearers. Fresh new sounds are circling your radar. Alternate frequencies are within your auditory sphere. Otherworldly language forms threaten to take over your airwaves. To hear more clearly, refrain from judging and/or categorizing the unique cries. Let their message turn your previous awareness to ash, if necessary.

Aquarius of the Week: Bebeto

May self pity leave you behind this week, fish, drifting back to shore. Travel the open seas without its extra weight. Notice how it is now easier to surf the tides and swim with the others. I suspect the more you move along, the less you'll grieve for the passing of what you never truly needed. You'll gladly trade in such armor, as swiftness becomes more available.

Pisces of the Week: Jesse Jackson, JR.