Week of February 27, 2010

It's "time", rams. TO: Reconnect to the infinite authorities of your soul-those strands that never die, but are reborn continuously with each time a deeper strength, and a clearer sense of the inner and outer atmospheres. Lay what is tired to rest. Let what is yearning to live come brazenly forth.

Aries of the Week: Nikita Khrushchev

Come out wherever you are, bulls. Someone has spotted your true colors, anyway. You've been found out/ discovered for your exact wonderfulness. May you, at the least, begin this week to recognize the specific benefits of such direct acknowledgment.

Taurus of the Week: Josh Beckett

In the future, promise me you'll pay less attention to what others have to say about where and when you "belong." Instead of shuffling back and forth, may you stick around when you feel like it, insisting upon your presence. May you also promptly leave when you have the urge to, whether or not anyone else shares in your wandering sentiment.

Gemini of the Week: Fabrizio Moretti

Strip things down to basics this week crabs. Cleanse your mind, heart, and home of all out-dated fantasies. Trade those in for less ornate and what at first appears to be a less enticing reality, but what is actually a more lasting/ less confusing brand of existence.

Cancer of the Week: Vittorio deSica

Lend your own strength and prowess, directly from the bowels of you. Whenever you get the chance this week, shower others with what wisdom and passion you have available. Share your personal secrets, and be lavished in return.

Leo of the Week: Dorothy Parker

Put things in their "right" place, Virgins. Personal organization is the key to unravelling prevailing mystery(s). Put your life in order, leaving no corner unscoured, no hidden closet under-turned. The less debris, the easier it will become to lucidly SEE.

Virgo of the Week: Anne Bancroft

Anyone who is lucky enough to catch even a whiff of your personal mojo this week should consider themselves blessed, Libra. That's another way of saying you don't have to do much, other than just be true to your own particular style. This week, whenever you get the chance, go ahead and flaunt your direct, dynamic being for all to clearly observe.

Libra of the Week: Santigold

Be not the saboteur of your own life, scorp. Instead usher in the good times. Lick your lips, ignoring all personal doubt and dis-regarding suspicion. Come through for you by simply leaning in for the killer K-I-S-S.

Scorpio of the Week: Amsterdam

Think of the "other" this week, archers. Heed the wisdom of ancient tribal elders, who insist that you are only actually GIVING something when it is difficult to part with. Otherwise, it's not techinically considered a sacrifice. The more genuine your offering, the sooner you shall achieve enlightenment.

Sagitarius of the Week: Boris Karloff

When the crowds arrive at your "tomb", may it be empty. In your case, that's referring to your personal set of rules and regulations. Certain dogma is just a shell now. It's protective armor need not accompany you on the next ascent, which is more akin to floating/ flying.

Capricorn of the Week: US national debt is 0 for the only time

As you enter into a "new" life, your protocol will be mainly the same as it has always been. You'll still stick to your usual independent guns, be perched just as typically high on your mental toes, and be as equally committed to constant evolution. Only it won't seem as challenging as before to get your point across. Certain ears (including your own) will be more open than ever before.

Aquarius of the Week: Feist

Let the light come FLOODING in, fish. There's nothing to lose by facing its blatant power. On the contrary, you have only to gain. Those electrical rays will just: remove extra obstructive layers as well as obliterate any haunting presence which annoyingly lingers in your conscious or sub-conscious mind.

Pisces of the Week: The Slim Shady LP