Week of February 20, 2010

When the subject is right, you're a GREAT listener. When the interest of study is fascinating enough, you're an EXCELLENT student. As long as you are driven by personal desire, you are an esteemed scholar, retaining facts like an ace detective and uncovering clues like a top sleuth. I'd encourage that type of eager and focused learning this week, rams. That's exactly how you can participate in a greater :truth, friendship, love and harmony.

Aries of the Week: The surrender of the South in the US civil War

To get your point across, remain stubborn/non-violent. Stick to your point. To communicate past deaf ears, stay put, enduring the time it takes to get through. To open closed eyes, just stay around until the "blind ones" eventually awake.

Taurus of the Week: Kim Gordon

Lucky for you, you're about to be overcome. Your "defeat", however, will also be a source of enormous victory. In that "downtime" you'll notice things which you previously didn't. In a less power-filled position, you'll also have a chance to remember where you come from, humbling yourself in relief to the omniscent forces of the universe. What is at first initially shocking will eventually translate as a necessary change in momentum/switching of courses.

Gemini of the Week: emanciaption of Texas slaves

To experience what comes next, welcome the future. Fling open your door to greet the flailing arms of fortune, crabs. They've been outside your door for a while now, furiously trying to get your attention. Go along for the "ride", leaving all your former plans behind for today. Instead, check out the open road and it's rejuvenating twists and turns. Notice what comfort and joy you find in relinqushing control to such a degree...

Cancer of the Week: Dan Brown

Q: What's the bravest and also loving-est thing you could do this week? Whatever the answer, cats, what I can promise is that one swift move could kill those two metaphorical birds with one stone. ALSO: the less you try to hide your true emotions, the more likely you can concoct such a maneuever. Practice truth-telling all week long, in order to foster it's high flying effects.

Leo of the Week: "IBM's first program controlled calculator

Virg, may your mind be a revolving door this week, letting information come and go as it pleases. Let your heart be a sponge, absorbing feeling with ease. And may your belly be an open passage, taking what nourishment it needs and disposing of the rest. This then leaves ample space for good news, foods and vibes while also maintaining the mobility necessary for continuous cruising.

Virgo of the Week: Fabio Taglioni

This week is filled with change of a particular nature for the scales which promises a unique-r type of balance. To allow the powers of the earth to exact a more powerful equilibrium, stay as still as a patient on an operating table, Libra. When you awake, your eyes will be just the same, only stronger and able to see much deeper, past the surface, beyond all the illusion.

Libra of the Week: Erik Bruhn

You shall be, as they say, lovingly "hung out to dry" this week, scorp. That's precisely what you need! A nice, solid break from your posture will do your body, mind and heart a ton of good. In that position, you need not fight so hard, rage against the system or make extra efforts to protect your being. You're just "there", dangling in space and time, pausing to catch your breath, shed your fear, and restore your awareness.

Scorpio of the Week: John Cleese

Rubbing the magic lamp is getting tiresome? Well then darlings, how about you make your own dreams come true? There's no genie in a bottle anyway, archers. You're the only master of your fate. So grant your own wishes. You are, at all times, and in any given moment, totally capable of that.

Sagitarius of the Week: "Scrabble"

Don't sit around and wait for your piece of pie, capricorn. Step right up and snatch it. In the spirit of the new year of the chinese tiger, go for it. With an eye as sharp as your own, the chances of you missing your target are almost nil. This week take at least one step towards the center, away from the isolating outskirts, and directly into the midst of the nourishing light.

Capricorn of the Week: Patti Smith

This week you water bearers may either: give in freely to the tides or be carefully swept away by them. Perfection is not as vital as your flow now. May you make certain compromises, in order to receive love's direct and immediate blessing. The sea's greatest captains have a balanced relationship with the "wheel" of the ship, knowing exactly when it's crucial to maintain a forceful grip and when its best to calmly yield.

Aquarius of the Week: Free Africa Society

Your own regeneration/rebirth is continuous this week Fishes. You'll grow new heads the way flowers sprout new bulbs in the springtime. The best you can do is to stay extra open to the process, seeking no further shelter in out-dated homes, and refusing to wear old, haggard robes which no longer suit you. Let those be recycled into the ether from which they originally came.

Pisces of the Week: beginning of Russian peasant rebellion