Week of February 12, 2010

The horizon over yonder is gleaming, rams. Chances are your mortal eyes alone may not be able to comprehend the sensation on their own. So if you want to keep them closed and feel your way there instead, that's a definite way of mingling with its pure vibes. Breathe those in, letting your heart swallow the magic whole before your other senses can deny or confirm.

Aries of the Week: Lady Gaga

In the spirit of the Chinese New Year of the tiger, may you bulls be especially bold and persistent this week. All the passions which you normally keep neatly stowed away are in the mood to break out. Don't delay. Express what feelings you are having at just the time you are experiencing them. Rest not until your intentions and desires have been acutely understood.

Taurus of the Week: Nelson Mandela becomes South Africas's first black president

Could the Gemini have found a *twin* who is just as wise, open-minded, righteous, evolved,mobile, sharp and 3-d as yours truly? Yes, I've triple checked my crystal ball just to make sure I was seeing straight. Speaking of vision, once you decide to put your heads together, it appears that nothing could prevent your movement to the most fun places in the universe or block your pathway to the fanciest destinations in the cosmos.

Gemini of the Week: Salvatore Ferragamo

It's a (chinese) new year, therefore the perfect time to start over. Freshen up crabs. Acknowledge your own personal mojo first, taking a long look in the mirror. Behold such perfect beauty. Then it will be possible to totally recognize the value of others- which is essential to keeping them in your life, connecting to the shiniest parts of their being, and sharing in their love most fully.

Cancer of the Week: The "Dangerous" World tour

Happy Valentine's day, lover. This year, remember- no pain, no gain. Eat the poison apple, cats. Your head and heart are longing for the "death sting". So let yourself be swept into an abyss of raw feeling. Be lovingly knocked off kilter. Smile as you go down, to communicate the certainty of your willingness.

Leo of the Week: "Interstate 8"

As you tend to the earth, it is natural to be fed back. When you heal its people, it is normal to gain their friendship and loyalty. If you respect the enviroment, it purrs back in delight. Happy Valentine's Day, virg. You are a true poet(ess) and farmer of the planet. Take some time to receive what you clearly deserve. Pig out on fruits that drip with the juicy flavor of your own deep love.

Virgo of the Week: "LA Law"

Consider yourself "off duty" this week,scales. You are temporarily relieved of certain responsibilites and permanently dismissed of others. Be your own valentine, celebrating what personal transformation you have most recently endured. Bask for a bit in your victory and gloat in your triumphs. You earned the right.

Libra of the Week: "Songs of Freedom"

Welcome your success, scorp. So that you don't miss one moment of your own prosperity this week, remain sublimely open and optimistic. That way the wealth can most easily come pouring through, showering you with its abundance. As long as you keep your eyes open/ arms out- stretched/ palms free of baggage, your glory is yours.

Scorpio of the Week: Seth McFarlane

True love lies hidden in the proverbial background, silent and still. That must mean it's your move to make archer. Join the experience and try not to ask too many questions, as that will actually only stand in the way of those being answered. Take a willing cruise on the sea of love/ mystery, Sag. It's true that you will never be the same again but trust me when I tell you that's a good thing.

Sagitarius of the Week: Imani

Are you goats feeling vulnerable? As if you are suddenly a fish out of water? Then you're on the right track! Keep moving in that direction, trading your security for the unknown. Let inner acceptance lead the way and light the path. The less resistance you harbor, the more buoyant the ride will be.

Capricorn of the Week: formal approval of the order of the Templar

Second chances do come around, but don't bet on a third time...Seize the opportunity which has miraculously re-appeared then, water bearers. When fortune arrives at your door this week, do not hesitate. Join hands with fate; separate no more. Hold on tight, refusing to let go, just to be extra sure that you don't lose each other again anytime soon.

Aquarius of the Week: Swiss women gain the right to vote

Every wave ends up back at shore, crashing it's wet and wild self onto dry land. That's what you should soon do, fish. Visit "home" and revel in what steady ground you find there. You are free to come and go as you please. But so that you can travel better and for longer, let your emotions have an occasional rest. Unload all cargo**** frequently.

Pisces of the Week: Jonathan Demme