Week of February 4, 2010

Try not to get dragged into any child-like drama/petty battles rams. On the other hand, do your best to make it to all the most fun parties. Once you're there, turn up the volume on your favorite song. Maybe also you could sing one of your own tunes at the top of your screaming lungs, so that everyone gets a chance to glimpse the power and altitude of what creative force you've been storing up this winter.

Aries of the Week: Swiss neutraility

May you bulls spend less time wondering about your importance to the community this week and more time believing it. Set your individual "table", using all your best dishes and most delicious food. Keep the door open... Your guests will join you, slowly but certainly, more than eager to share in the richness of your strength and wisdom.

Taurus of the Week: The Pontiac Rebellion

From the bellow of the sea to the whistling of the winds, twins, nature is calling for you. Mama earth and father sky are aching for your presence and requesting the return of your soul. You should feel honored, and also elated since all your proverbial parents wish to do is feed, shelter, and caress you.

Gemini of the Week: Tobias Wolff

Why don't you just tell everyone to step off, crabs? Be more like your scorpio brethren this week, threatening anyone who tries to pigeonhole you with your cutting claws. Clip anyone in the face or behind who is messing with you. Keep going until they get the picture... "SHOOOOOO shooo shooooo fly. Get the ___________ out of my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Cancer of the Week: Hope Sandoval

For better or worse, cats, no one can read your mind. As obvious as you can sometimes be, you usually keep your innermost feelings and most powerful emotions at safer bay. I recommend you surrender that control immediately. Come down from your familiar position of power in exchange for what you actually appreciate infinitely more-authentic appreciation towards and affection for your genuine being.

Leo of the Week: Panama Canal

While keeping in mind the strength and promise of your roots, Virg, may you find the courage this week to also embrace what is new. The energy coming is meant to assist your spirit, shedding light, bringing sight, and increasing flight. Welcome with open arms what is only meant to add peace, inspiration and power to your labor.

Virgo of the Week: The toronto Blue Jays set a record for the most home runs in a single game

Only motion is required now. So close up the books, and put away your notes. Fuel your steps with pure belief in your poetry/philosophy. Whether or not anyone comprhends your moves is, for now, irrelevant. Simply be on your way, scales. Let your instinct, inclinations, and intutitions light your path.

Libra of the Week: Arthur Waite

Give the people what they want scorp...It happens to be you they're after, and nothing but. A token or symbol of you will no longer suffice. Your loved ones demand that you emerge from behind your protective curtains to feed off a bountiful light, hold a hand of firm support, and be showered by the sweetness of friendship.

Scorpio of the Week: Terry Farrell

Hold onto your seats, Sag. You asked for a roller coaster ride, right? More thrill? Well your intention was received so here you go! Your adventure is sure to be packed with tumult and triumph too. Both are necessary to experience what ultimate revelation you seek, archer. But whether rocky or rolly, you are on a definite route to rebirth.

Sagitarius of the Week: John Densmore

A new journey begins this week, goats. As you pause to remember all the special moments on the road you just traveled, be glad that you are so well prepared to greet the vastness of the horizon that awaits you. You're well equipped with a trusty steed, a clear head, and a full heart. You need nothing more.

Capricorn of the Week: Michelle Obama

Your levels of invincibility are higher than average this week, water bearer. I suggest you take advantage of your favorable postion. If I were you, I would eagerly face all my opponents, as you are currently more likely to defeat them. I'd willingly undergo all "trials by fire" as you are guaranteed to not only survive but now conquer their blazing heat.

Aquarius of the Week: Flo Kennedy

As a healer I can't spend that much time panicking/doubting myself and what I do. There is not enough room for that in a world full of immediate need. To perform my medicine, I am required to trust what emerges from my hands, heart and mind with completeness. That is the only protection I am given when taking such brave and worthy risks.

Pisces of the Week: "Mellow Gold"