Week of January 28, 2010

To accurately "channel", one must, to some degree, be willing to surrender control. Exerting personal will over the process of what is naturally occuring stands the chance of threatening the purity and preciseness of that information which is barrelling through. I urge you to thus become gladly overpowered this week, letting the high winds and holy waters : wrestle you to peaceful, knowing grounds/ cleanse the palate of your mind n soul/ replace your spirit with an electrical and useful insight.

Aries of the Week: Shea Stadium

A certain retirement is imminent, bulls. You are soon to give up any person, place, or thing you are : just plain tired of/ are no longer making any progress with; filling your open days with fresh activity, trading your labor for peace, turning your prayers toward a new horizon, working and playing amid more fertile fields.

Taurus of the Week: Maybelle carter

Scientists report that the left brain anatomy governs logical, rational ways of thinking, said to do most of the decision making before the development of the right brain, governor of emotions and intuitions, which took its precedence once the human species had evolved beyond basic levels of survival. The omens suggest that all twins stand a better chance at bridging the gap between the neuro-hemispheres this week. Balance your calculatory skills against artistic modes of thinking, or as witchcraft names it, your "starlight vision". Bring creative energy to your practical expression and vice versa, tailoring your fantastic designs to grapple with reason, translating your cosmic sense into a common vernacular.

Gemini of the Week: Harvey Milk

Yes, love hurts, aches and occassionally stings. But it's also: sexy, sweet and thrilling. Try not to focus so much on the difficulties/sadnesses of said intimacy this week, crabs. Embrace any pain associated with it the way you would-say- a chocolate cake. Devour that delicious thing and then lick the plate clean, letting such ecstasy drip into your veins/ meld into your beings.

Cancer of the Week: Rembrandt

For what new insight you desire, I recommend the following: Firstly, make no assumptions. Take NOTHING for granted. That will leave what room you'll need to comprehend deep revelation. Next, with-hold your judgment. Making asessments will only cloud your vision/ interfere with the clarity of your observation. Lastly, seek to hold no power over what you see. That way the benefit is triple-fold, allowing you to glimpse, understand, and also experience its most potent effect.

Leo of the Week: Jean Piaget

My granny was a famous composer/ hairstylist/ astrologer/poet/debater/ mother of nine. She was notoriously quick and crafty, just like you virgins. Similar to your own style, each of her choices and inventions was just another mode of expressing her rich and blatant spiritual side. This week, the world asks no more of you- to make a sincerest attempt to live by your most genuine philosophies, by any and whatever means.

Virgo of the Week: "On the Road"

Flip-flopping is an inevitable part of the scales' existence. This week, work WITH your shifts, not against them. You're a dancer, unencumbered by gravity. Don't fight your natural tendency to float. That's how you successfully avoid twisty traps and restore your freedom. Enjoy the giddy benefits of your ethereal nature...

Libra of the Week: Emancipation Proclamation

Strip it down, scorp. Remove your layers, even though it's the middle of winter. I don't care if you're freezing cold either. .. Your traveling spirit no longer needs the extra weight. Let that go, celebrating the new mobility/accessibility of your soul. Without such heavy baggage you may now cruise, coast, and cuddle A LOT easier.

Scorpio of the Week: Omara Portuondo

Witchcraft, or "the religion of ecology", states that the Goddess of their worship does not rule nature, but rather she IS nature. The good news, archer, is that you don't have to try so hard to find her then. The better news is that she is also thus more likely to eventually seek and possibly stay near to/ with you.

Sagitarius of the Week: Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

Structures are built from the ground up, goats, and you are one who knows it best. However, as you erect those from the base, don't forget to include hints of your higher, long term vision. Begin to infuse those ideas NOW, to better found, facilitate, and fuel future upward movement.

Capricorn of the Week: John Singleton

If you're listening in, life's a breeze. If not, it could feel more like a punch in the face. Especially this week, water bearers. If that's the case, open your ears and unleash the total capablities of your senses. Chances are the universe is only trying to get your undivided attention. As soon as you give that, any conflict between you and the outer world(s) will magically cease.

Aquarius of the Week: Antonio Gramsci

May passion take hold of you this week, fish. The omens suggest that giving over to uncontrolled feeling will not only bring relief to the wearier parts of your soul, but will eventually lead you to an intoxicating experience, with twists deep enough and turns wide enough to challenge even your own particularly suave swimming skills...

Pisces of the Week: Marlon Jackson