Week of January 20, 2010

On your next adventure, pack light. All you'll truly need is within. Just be as forthright and persevering as you are merciful and compassionate. Stop only long enough to gather the respite that is needed to revive your spirits and the atmosphere. Otherwise continue to rock and roll.

Aries of the Week: Mars Odyssey is launched

Now is not the time to consider your losses, bulls. Instead, it's a perfect moment to acknowledge all that you have, and show appreciation for it's abundance. Wear your gratitude out on the town this week. All of your "posessions" are only symbols of something infinitely more meaningful. Congratulate yourself for what you've worked so hard while also recognizing what blessings/assistance you received along the way.

Taurus of the Week: Glacier National Park

Your mind is doing a better job than average at seeing past illusion, twins. You're growing sharper and swifter by the day. You know there's a very good reason for that though...right? It's just a warm-up! You're about to have a face off soon, i.e. an important meeting with a worthy opponent whose vision is just as keen and full as your own. You're in training. The universe is giving you a legitimate chance to prepare for your own personal checkmate...

Gemini of the Week: Suze Orman

Dear crab: The bakery across the street from my apartment is dangerous. Not only is the environment extra pleasant and clean, but the coffee is like drinking silk and the uniquely flavored deserts taunt me through the day. Help! I can't afford to go there as often as I want to and since it's so close by, I'm having trouble distracting myself from it's temptation. Cancer, what should I do?! To indulge or NOT to indulge? (or somewhere in between?...)

Cancer of the Week: Argentina declares independence from Spain

Explore the grounds, supercat. Like a true feline on the prowl, leave no rock un-turned. Pursue each corner's secrets with avengeance. Rest not this week until you find what you are particularly looking for. Travel whatever distance is required to track your specific hunt, through the night if necessary. Then, sit down to a large and dionysian-like feast.

Leo of the Week: MCA

First acknowledge where you or anyone else might have went wrong. Then: let everyone, including yourself, off the hook. While you relinquish all souls from further misery, learn the more crucial lesson. Next time, remember: no one is asking you to sacrifice your most prized valuables. You have the right to hold on to what you love and cherish. There is no "GOD" asking you to give them up. So don't.

Virgo of the Week: Richard Wright

Imagine you're the head chef. You alone have a vision for all the dinner's courses. Everyone in the kitchen with you is only there to assist that agenda. Before you start cooking, take an extra moment to gather your confidence. You can captain this ship on your own, scales. When in doubt, listen to the whistling winds. That's how come you see so good anyway. Trust the elemental source of your judgment, and act calmly upon it.

Libra of the Week: MC Lars

Your fortune is nearly in your lap scorp. But you'll still have to seize and take full ownership of it. Doing so would change everything, of course. Possibilities will exponentially unfold as you assume the power of what is, by the way, rightfully yours. Face your inheritance first. I'm sure you'll recognize it right away. That's because it belongs to you. I pray you find the courage to accept the gift this week. May your reunion be a peaceful, joyous and lasting one.

Scorpio of the Week: March on Rome

Be fluid/ studious, archer. Put not all your chickens in one coop. Have several different housing options available. Spread your seed. You're still in the experminental part of the process, where you are constantly changing up and testing the variables, in order to determine the most ideal conditions for the long term growth of your unique ideals.

Sagitarius of the Week: The Libertarian party

You and your work have only to gain if you step away from it. Your absence not only creates an opportunity for you to get what rest you need to return refreshed, but it also gives your labor an opportunity to test it's own strength, figure out how much it can do on it's own, without your support, freeing you to place your energies elsewhere, in spots you've lately been dreaming of...

Capricorn of the Week: Bob Dylan's "Desire"

It's almost time for the water-bearer to bask in the spotlight. While you are preening and pacing backstage, take out all your notes and stories. Add any detail of person, place, or thing that is vital to total revelation. Use your platform to express the full expanse of perspective. Take what time and make what effort is required to unveil the completest shock and shine of those truths.

Aquarius of the Week: the Cullinan Diamond

Your quest reminds me of the struggle Moses endured when leading the jews out of Egypt's slavery, into the free and Promised Land. Half of the slaves chose to stay behind, out of their fear of the unknown, and the others reportedly panicked in the face of the journey's difficulties. As a cult follower of the fish, I myself am well aware of how wise it is to follow you. But these lil' babes are shaking in their booties. Be patient yet immune to their cowardly pleas. Be gentle but constant and unyielding.

Pisces of the Week: Souldja Boy