Week of January 11, 2010

Lakota teachings maintain that "the spirit always finds a pathway". Keep that maximclosetoyou this week rams. Remain patient but confident in the face of less options. Stay awake longer than usual, soothing your will until it locates an opening. Acknowledge what wall is before you, only so that you are better prepared to leap directly over it...

Aries of the Week: James Franco

New Year's Resolution #1: No more bashing your head against the same wall(s). New Year's Resolution #2: Take yourself out to an extra long/ relaxing dinner. Admire the view, breathing space and music available to you now without the partition. New Year's Resolution #3: Accept the alternative scene for what it uniquely is. The benefits of this new battle-less field can thus be fully appreciated.

Taurus of the Week: Megan Fox

As always there are several different ways to look at things this week, twins. On the one hand, you AREN'T god after all. You're just a human like us who makes and learns from mistakes. You too are subject to life's tumultous zig-zagging. On the other hand, you do sparkle and shine more like the upper heavens than the lower planes. Your extra keen sight usually DOES prevent you from falling into the traps that other, less agile humans are prey to. And come to think of it, you've always been a prodigy cruiser- your surfing, skating, and scooting abilties eerily adept.

Gemini of the Week: Dr. Ruth

According to Native myths, the deer could easily be considered one of the heros of creation. In her gentle, fearless acceptance of the demon which guards the heart of the forest, she succeeds as the only animal among them to melt his evil heart, releasing all the other animals from centuries of his torture. May you also conisder a loving approach this week, crabs, as you face signficant challenge. Bat your doe eyes and perch your pretty lips. Be real sweet. Try that first.

Cancer of the Week: Tobey Maguire

If you're seeing things for what they really are, than your eyes should be burning with the fire of enlightenment, lions. If that is NOT the case, then I urge you to keep seeking. Squint to search for subtle nuance. You'll know you have witnessed the power of those truths when your heart jumps straight into your head, spilling over with love, compassion, and mercy's moan.

Leo of the Week: Jon Landau

Native healers teach that their powers go hand in hand with their servitude. The stronger they become, the lower they fall to the earth, their descent a symbol of their status in a tribal community. As they "lay down" for creation, their abilities rise, along with their connection to the divine. Remember?

Virgo of the Week: NAS

Like Mic Jagger made widely known: "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime you get what you need." Try to put up less of a fight this week. Trust that the universe will deliver, even if it's in a package different from what you imagined or ordered. Maintain faith in forces outside of yourself for a change, to even your personal scales.

Libra of the Week: Madeleine Kahn

You need playmates that are just as savvy, strong and silly as yourself. Otherwise you are prone to become bored, destructive, and/or moody. Such challenge is as necessary to you as food or water. Therefore whenever certain people or situations present that fulfill that requirement, engage the opportunity.

Scorpio of the Week: Tatum O'Neal

In my personal opinion, you are able to transform situations, affect outcomes, and manifest results more easily, swiftly and accurately than most. With that much creative juice, you can become the sole master of your destiny. Take at least one quiet moment to yourself this week to consider the full implications of that fact.

Sagitarius of the Week: Elizabeth Berg

You Capricorns are sure tough to fool. Personally, I appreciate your straight shot. I suspect others get a lot out of it too, but simply lack the means to express their gratitiude. But anyway, who needs OUR approval? The proof of your good job is right there in your pudding. Congratulations goats. The strength and health of all your "kids" speaks clearly for itself.

Capricorn of the Week: Shirley Bassey

When the economy "fell", many peers suggested that I should get prepared for my own artistic failure. Luckily, I paid ZERO attention to that warning, and instead persisted with the communication of my agenda. I would like to think that it's survival has mostly to do with that fact. Water bearers, there are times to take into deep consideration the opinions of others. And there are other moments where it becomes especially important to talk right over and through them.

Aquarius of the Week: Justice Mary Caudron is the first woman to be appointed to the High Court of Australia

In the New Year, may you kick some ___. Specifically, I wish you all the luck in your effort to curb addiction. Since you understand the eternal-ness of life better than most, you shouldn't need that much extra help in turning your backs away and over yonder. Sailing is a more infinite type of journey. Fish never hang around too long in one place. They've got a whole psychedelic ocean to explore, groovy new islands to discover, glittering alternative reefs to endlessly delight upon...

Pisces of the Week: the first rock concert in the Soviet Union