Week of January 2, 2010

You don't need a "reason" to love what you love, or like what you like. Expressing such sentiments openly not only fosters a currently much needed sense of relief but also provides an otherwise unattainable feeling of inner stability. Let those emotions work together this week to empower you as well as your creative styles.

Aries of the Week: Central Park Love-in

Take charge, bulls. Let your heart's wisdom be not stifled or partialized. Let what concern you have for your friends and family inspire you to lead them to greenest pastures. You not only know the best route, but also possess what strength it requires to get there. Offer both teachings as a symbol of your personal passion and total sincerity.

Taurus of the Week: Mother Jones

Try less words this week, twins, but more actions. Do little to no explaining. Replace that with intricate and precise movement. Perform your ideas, letting the show speak for itself. Don't worry if your point is not perfectly translated. Let the gaps be filled with exciting, undetermined questions.

Gemini of the Week: Prince changes his name to a symbol

It's as if you've made some grand and important scientific discovery, crabs. Well your ideas are no different than they have always been... It's just that now you fully understand the total value of your methods. It will therefore be easier to promote/ propose them as a solution.

Cancer of the Week: Nicola Tesla

To have access to those you love, show them your respect. Make your admiration obvious. Worship openly the object of your heart's greatest desire. Put such love into all you daily do, as if they'd be watching every single little move you make...

Leo of the Week: the capturing of Amistad

Let the new year begin with your new freedom virg. Imagine you are bound to no one and nothing. Ride the open road, while the breeze blows and bounces through your hair. Indulge in such fantasy long enough that it begins to take full form in your total reality.

Virgo of the Week: central america declares independence from Spain

Scales, open your doors to the community in 2010. You have cultivated a certain type of loving awareness which everyone could utilize. I recommend that you do as "Jesus" did, however, and teach those people to fish for themselves. Feed them just long enough to get them started; then seek to cultivate their own skills.

Libra of the Week: first co-op store opens in Boston

Get naked with someone, scorp. It's just the right season to take your clothes all the way off, while twisting playfully around in the arms of a beloved. The omens predict several orgies of that nature this year, with varying levels of intimacy. I see it all as just the perfect chance to show off your new shiny bod, less layered than ever before.

Scorpio of the Week: "2 virgins" album by John Lennon and Yoko Ono

The stars suggest that you will take a strong stand this year, archer. It's about time! Heavens know you've done your homework, what with all that actual and metaphysical exploration you've been engaging in. The effect of making a specific choice is two-fold. Firstly, it will bring peace to yourself. Secondly, it will cause mirth in the world.

Sagitarius of the Week: Britain abolishes captial punishment

It's the year of your coming out, cap. Keep that ever in mind as you muse things over. Your best laid plans and secret formulas are meant to be revealed in the next season. Remain delicate but firm while you unveil illusion/unravel confusion.

Capricorn of the Week: Perihelion, earth is at a position closest to the sun

Your will can and should be done this year water bearer. Prepare for the physical manifestation of your wishes. As long as what you're asking for would be great for everyone else involved, the universe will be working over-time to support your platform. Dream on- mapping out the ideals.

Aquarius of the Week: the communist Manifesto

There could be no better time to revolt, fishes. So that you can fully enjoy the year ahead, may you openly refuse all forms of black magic-big or small. Let your heart catch a fever of longing-for something sweeter and happier. Fight your hardest for it, and your efforts shall be divinely and instantly matched.

Pisces of the Week: the anarchist people of color