Week of December 17, 2009

Your best "partner" is the one who always trumps you. That should be obvious by now. You rams wouldn't have it any other way though, would you? You not only need but deserve such a challenge. It keeps you alive, on your toes, most fully in the game...

Aries of the Week: Bill Bellamy

Keep your own counsel this week, bulls, even if and when you seek outside help or advice. That's the secret to solving one or more mysteries right now. It doesn't require you to be one-sided or narrow minded so much. It's just a way of recommending that after you gather all the facts, you return to your private quarters and decipher the intricate meanings.

Taurus of the Week: Otto Frank

Just tell the truth-nothing but the whole version. That's the only way "in" twins. Any other method runs the chance of admitting you just partially to the kingdom of your choosing. Give your authentic thoughts and feelings a chance, at least, at granting your swift entry.

Gemini of the Week: Elizabeth Hurley

Your determination is a good and powerful thing. It will move you to act, which will free you of the past and enter you into the future. The stars predict a major awakening for the crabs this week. As awareness bursts forth, keep everything else simple. Be concise in your behavior and communication, so that you are permitted the full flavor/benefits of your disillusionment.

Cancer of the Week: Gustav Mahler

To best capture your prey, it's wise to first study it. By that I mean, the beast you are ACTUALLY hunting, the juiciest animal in the jungle. To catch that one, stay cool. Observe at a distance. When the time to approach is made evident, be brave but loving, direct but also yielding to their ravenous beauty.

Leo of the Week: Alex Rodriguez

Do your business, virg. As the season of the archer is now underway, you should have more energy available to you with which to put your ideas into action. Take advantage of what good cheer and positive vibrations come your way. Channel the sparks directly into your work.

Virgo of the Week: first continental Congress meeting

Staying neutral will be tough, even for you scales. I urge you to apply one of the oldest rules in the book-treat everyone with the same basic respect, letting your own integrity dictate the interaction, as opposed to allowing their actions- past, present or future, to determine your own behavior. That way you have better control over what there is to learn from any given situation...(which is A LOT. )

Libra of the Week: John Edward

You don't need permission to have your feelings about something, scorp. Need I remind you? However, this week, if you can wade through those first on your own, you can also then use them to your advantage. Because after your tears dry up, you'll possess a keener knowledge of how best to maneuver yourself, right past whatever obstacles existed beforehand.

Scorpio of the Week: the oldest meterorite to date

Nothing matters other than the present moment, archers. Keep that in close mind this week. Let your reactions be as natural as breathing and don't worry right now about what that implies. Change is evident in some cases, but that part will work most of itself out on it's own, babe. Hang loose.

Sagitarius of the Week: Tip O'Neil

Let's get everything out in the open this week, shall we, goats? In the interest of your swiftest exorcism, I'd recommend the following: release old grudges and forgive past sins. Think in terms of your grandest wishes and act in favor of them, no matter what that demands of you. It's totally worth it.

Capricorn of the Week: the first observation of Neptune

Stay in close touch with mother nature, water bearer. She will not only provide you with the vision you need to sail on, but she will also grant you her protection, which you will no doubt need on the wild journey ahead.

Aquarius of the Week: Sergio Mendes

Look for the sweetness this week, fish. Seek the poetry as you would a friend or lover. Be ready for romance as well as rock n' roll. Keep your eyes peeled for beauty and perfection, which hangs on any given corner, in the clear light of day.

Pisces of the Week: Dennis Farina