Week of December 8, 2009

I dreamt this week that you were born new, looking and feeling like a fresh baby. Except you could already talk, walk, do tricks, and dance all on your own. Apply this metaphor to your own situation, rams. Whether you are switching gears, starting over, or just beginning, you know just what to do and how. It's innate.

Aries of the Week: Astrodome

The chance to align your Karma does not materialize every day, bulls. Seize the opoortunity. Return a favor in the effort to not only balance but increase your individual fortune. Going above and beyond is half the challenge and the easier part. Figuring out to whom/where you should make your offering is the other component. To properly discern, p.....a......u.....s.....e..... for reflection.

Taurus of the Week: "Mrs. Dalloway"

Practice doing and choosing what truly benefits you, twins, and not just on a temporary basis. Let lasting nourishment into your life. Gobble it up, grab it, and go for it. Do whatever you must to make it stay and stick until it becomes a solid-er part of your everyday existence.

Gemini of the Week: World Ocean Day

As the oldest of six, I was more like a second mom than a sister. As each sibling was born, I learned that some needed more attention than others. Each baby was unique and required different tactics and approaches. Consider your own "millieu" in this way crabs. Take them all in their individual context, remaining flexible to their specific needs and individual personality.

Cancer of the Week: Vin Diesel

This week calls for very brave/ personal moves, cats. In other words, be your typically valiant self, on a local level. Share the wisdom, love and courage you've been storing up with your intimate circle. As a symbol of your appreciation for all their constant support, offer your flames first to your most loyal fans.

Leo of the Week: electric streetcar

Stick to your truths like glue, virg. Make the predictably painful effort to translate those verbatim. The stars suggest that you are prepared to do it. Therefore do not hesitate to experiment with whatever form(s) of expression most and best facilitate the thorough transmission of your ideas and sentiments.

Virgo of the Week: Su Woon Kim

Before you attempt to operate any machinery, make sure you understand all of its parts; how they each function on their own as well as how they perform together to create a certain effect. Dedicate what time and patience is required of your detailed study. That ensures the smooth success of all the endeavors to follow.

Libra of the Week: Sean Patrick Flannery

Some people work well in the midst of chaos, and depending on the circumstance, such poltegeists can even sometimes act as an impetus for creativity. However, in your specific case, scorp, the stars advise an immediate relinquishment of all energy forms which habitually disturb, haunt, or detain you. They are standing in the direct way of your ability to accomplish your goals.

Scorpio of the Week: James Naismith

Live and let live, archer. Grant the freedom you wish to have. Embody the generosity you idealize. Let all feelings of anger, jealousy and rage be replaced by passion, warmth, and excitement. Cheers.

Sagitarius of the Week: Texas Declaration of Independence

It is definitely crucial to "play your cards right". However, the fates encourage you to be creative in your competition. Ponder the move(s) which would not only win the game but end it altogether...leaving more time and energy to foster a grander, more constant way of living and loving.

Capricorn of the Week: Manhattan Bridge

Don't wait for your "reward" water bearers. Seize the prize you are entitled to and deserving of. Let no intruding voice or suspiciion tell you otherwise. Demand payment, and the relinquishment of what is rightfully yours, sacred one.

Aquarius of the Week: Zsa Zsa Gabor

Last week my friend's dogs dramatically scaled the wall of my front yard, only to realize they had nowhere to go and must turn right back around. The thrill of their poetry was fun anyway, fish, the idea of escaping only to return. You can relate, right? Welcome home, again, sweet-peas.

Pisces of the Week: air brake