Week of December 1, 2009

Only "work" for those people that treat you with daily kindness and mutual respect. Lend your enthusiasm, sense of humor and playful attitude to the pack of wolves that appreciate you most. End the year on a new note. Consider the prospect of feeling loved, welcomed and honored at all times. Envision the massively positive change that would cause in your world.

Aries of the Week: Barbara Kingsolver

Be flexible, but without smothering your point. Practice gentle but firm leadership, enduring what time it may take to insert your knowing hand. By the way, your labor has earned you the right to the benefits of divine support. Assume the powers of your spirit guides, which this week will take the form of various animals as well as humans- all such entities meant to fortify your chief status.

Taurus of the Week: Spaghetti O's

Go ahead, twins. Entice us with your most romantic whispers. Vow to share your secret best plans with at least one person this week. Take him/ her on your individual vision quest. Let them breathe the air that you do, see from what eyes that you gaze out of, hear the voices that you alone are privy to. Invite them into your atmosphere, which sparkles with the permanent glow of your explorations.

Gemini of the Week: hot air balloon

I know you're a naturally excellent friend, mother, and brother. This week the universe presents a different challenge for the crab. Start by imagining the task. Instead of spending time at home alone, picture you on a large stage, at the head of a packed classroom, or on a raised platform-an obviously ideal place for a person with as much potent poetry and natural knowledge as you posess.

Cancer of the Week: Ann Radcliffe

Here's the good news lions: You are about to receive the accolades that you deserve. Even better: You are also scheduled to be gifted with a dose of humbling grace, which will bring you to your knees. Finally the best part of it all: While you are down there, closer to the ground, the earth can hold, kiss and caress you AT LAST.

Leo of the Week: James Cameron

Take a day off, virg. Cancel all your appointments and turn off the receiver. Provide yourself with a loving spoonful of mental and/or emotional relief. Do nothing at all, letting your mind and heart wander. Notice how conclusions are thus more naturally reached and inner strengths more easily accessed.

Virgo of the Week: Nick Cave

Cling to your vision. Learn that you don't have to trade its most valuable parts. Partnership is just as important as your specific communication. Reach out for the (strong) hand that encourages your wildest, most authentic side.

Libra of the Week: Manmohan Singh

This is the season of your "coming out", O wise but wacky one. Insert your ways without hesitation. They are different but do posess their own brand of perfect reason, unconventional but teeming with integrity. Your methods are a product of your willingness to face life, yourself, and others. Remember that this is one of the reasons you are so totally powerful.

Scorpio of the Week: the first ticker tape parade

Who/what do you need to give full form to your vision? Gather the parts, archer, learning what it takes to call all the shots. Discern the situation carefully. What is specifically essential to the manifestation of your goals? Consider the tasks it calls you to and the resources it requires..

Sagitarius of the Week: Issac Newton's Kepler Laws form the theory of gravity

Walk the tightrope, goats. It's a good time to utilize your skills of concentration and inner balance. Reach the "other side" by maintaining focus and faith. Use your steady grip to ensure the safety and sureness of your arrival. Collect your wits while the road thins out. Let your natural poise and bottomless strength guide you gently onward.

Capricorn of the Week: the first modern circus in London

As you eliminate old thoughts and habits, you enter into a period of immense and immediate abundance. While you purge yourself of the past, the fabulous future has a chance to speak. If you maintain the courage to embrace a new beginning, total momentum is revealed. While you acknowledge the truth of your choices, making them becomes a breeze.

Aquarius of the Week: the first artifical ice rink in NYC

Rely on your bretheren. Also be there for them, if/when they need you. This week is the start of an alternative community for you fish. While you make new friends and keep the old, remember the power of ALL your relations. Your natural ability to connect creates consistent and tremendous opportunity.

Pisces of the Week: Texas Revolution- Battle of the Alamo