Week of November 23, 2009

Make your move. Let the vast-ness of your heart take direct aim. Give it's raw spirit a chance to wrestle with time and space. Allow the strength of that voice to reveal the expanse of its hopes and wishes. As those unravel, immediate contact is made with an eternal plan- which has already well established your status as a permanently powerful ruling force.

Aries of the Week: James Buster Douglas

It's almost time to tell the whole story. While you gather the last of all details, only skip the parts that are irrevlevant to the tale. Otherwise give us all the juice. We (the people) want the d-i-r-t. Spill it. We can wait until you put all the pieces together, but please make sure that what picture you paint us is as close to your perspective as possible.

Taurus of the Week: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Bring you home, twins. Let everyone have a piece of your pie this week. The fates predict that feeding your family and friends with your best stuff produces a feeling of sweetness and euphoria that catches on immediately, like a fever. Spread the vibes to your tribes, dude. Let them ooze right out of you-a healing and hooting serum.

Gemini of the Week: Howlin Wolf

Bust a move, crabs. Let loose now or forever hold on. Either way it's time to make that choice and no matter what you'll have to give one thing up, even if only temporarily, to have another. To aid in the process of discernment, open your arms wide. Let your wings tell you where they want to go.

Cancer of the Week: Malcolm X's Organization of AfroAmerican Unity

Make your actions as bold as they are elegant. Let your maneuvers be as smooth as they are strong. Be as heroic as you are authentic, as romantic in your sentiments as you are direct. Caress your opponent at the same time that you correct them. Go gallantly forth.

Leo of the Week: Robert Mitchum

Love is the only thing of any true value, virg. Don't you forget it. Not now- not EVER. To do so would not only be unhelpful but downright dangerous at this point in time. Keep that idea exclusively in mind. If it's the only piece of information available to you, it's good enough.

Virgo of the Week: Evan Rachel Wood

Plans should be as specific as your karma this week. Treat each and every interaction as if it were that important. Be precise in your measurements. Do not make false or even half offerings, especially in the interest of business or self. Be fair in your practice,showing respect for both sides, no matter what patience and/or flexibility that may require.

Libra of the Week: Outer Space Treaty

Continue to dis-robe/unveil scorp. Take off all the "layers". Give them away/recycle them into a lasting monument, or just leave them at the side of the road. As long as you don't keep or drag them around. The swifter you discard the excess, the sooner you can have your true freedom.

Scorpio of the Week: National Organization for Women

It's obvious... Don't make the same mistake twice. Don't even consider it. You've already traveled that road. Try the one that you always wished you had. Go for it archer. The fates have aligned in the season of your birth to offer an extra helping of their eternal, inspirational support.

Sagitarius of the Week: Kristy Swanson

In the story of Abraham and Issac, God ends up NOT asking his chosen one to sacricife his son. It was a fake out. Abraham is all ready to give up his most beloved thing on earth and God, in typical Old testament fashion, explains that he is only testing his faith. Since Abraham did not question God, he is spared. Goats, pay attention to that story this week. Are the higher powers REALLY demanding that you surrender your most precious gift? Try not to fall into that propaganda trap this week. You're WAAAAAAAy smarter than this trick.

Capricorn of the Week: Harmony Korine

Water bearer, begin your pilgrimage. Where will you go? As soon as you start to motivate, you'll feel your feet taking you there all on their own. You've been storing such fantasies for lifetimes. There could be no better time than during the season of the traveler to take such flights of your fancy.

Aquarius of the Week: US flag

This week the stars wish to assist you in your quest to banish doubt. To begin, look in the mirror at least once a day. Smile at yourself. Laugh in the face of your innocence, all the way from the belly. Speak the words and thoughts which enter your heart clearly and without hesitation. When you are feeling ready, repeat the exercise while looking into the face of another(s).

Pisces of the Week: Andy Gibb