Week of November 16, 2009

The months ahead are filled with adventure. As you set out to achieve those, take what time you need to gather the appropriate knowledge. Seek the wisdom that will assist you. Dedicate yourself firstly to the right teacher. Who/what could best prepare you for your specific journey? Begin the search.

Aries of the Week: Orlando Jones

Deal with your heart this week, taurus. Take it into your private quarters, heeding its cries as well as its yearnings. No one or thing can tell you better than your own inner self. Close the doors momentarily, in order to catch every word of such sentiments. It's due time for getting in touch.

Taurus of the Week: Lance Bass

Love is found in every corner this week, gemini. So too is friendship, familiarity, and fun. Keep your many eyes peeled. Let the universe reveal the array of gifts in your immediate midst. Use your language skills to decipher the message the divine is so repeatedly speaking to you.

Gemini of the Week: Suzi Quatro

Someone sees you, crabs! Therefore it is irrelevant to hide. You might as well come clean now. Your truths are not only recognizable but also well understood. You just so happened to have crossed paths with the person/place/thing who can see right through you...(woo hoo!)

Cancer of the Week: Jason Mraz

On bended knee, approach the wise and higher powers. Ask them for what you need, deserve and desire. Yoiur righteous ways are due for a reward this week, lions. Make a request, or several. Base your demands on what you require for total victory...(or at least what'll keep your platform up and running.)

Leo of the Week: Saturday Evening Post

This time around, when the prodigal son/daughter returns, virg, be honest. Offer a sincere reaction, which, according to the omens, is one of pure joy. Show the excitement in your face when your beloved returns. Reveal the respect and enthusiasm that you're actually feeling. Give your raw, un- edited response.

Virgo of the Week: Henry Hudson

Karmic advice of the week: if/when the universe brings you exactly what you want, honor it back. Every time you get a gift, give one out. For each moment of joy you experience, create the same in your own environment. Decorate your surroundings with what good vibes you receive. Spread the feeling....

Libra of the Week: Tiffany

The knowledge you fear is also key to your release. The more of that wisdom that you confront and swallow, the more guaranteed your happiness. Pain of full disclosure is the gateway to its opposite feeling of pure bliss. Come to total grips with the truth that is staring you down, only so that you may float serenely on...

Scorpio of the Week: Colorado grants women the right to vote

Deep inside you know what you want. You're also privy to what to do. Now is the ideal week to try it out, archers. Reveal your skill, exhibit your detailed understanding, and show us the steps you've been working on...

Sagitarius of the Week: Taylor Swift

Your "study" is completed, goats. You have exhausted the subject. Now is the time to apply what knowledge you've gathered, away from the classroom, and into the field. Take it on the road. Begin your personal tour, spreading your mentorship into the farthest corners of the earth.

Capricorn of the Week: Coca Cola Co.

You might not have noticed that the world around you is entering into an epoch of enlightenment, which happens to be exactly the type of dream you wish to constantly live in. It's a new time, water bearer. Certain threats and losses are of the past. Be willing at least to learn about what takes its place.

Aquarius of the Week: Carmen Miranda

Imagine you are in the safest of places. There is a forcefield of protection surrounding you, keeping you from all harm and evil-doers. Consider how you will take advantage of such a shelter this week, fish. Feel freer to dream, explore, and unveil-knowing that your spirit is well-guarded.

Pisces of the Week: Jenna Fischer