Week of November 6, 2009

Word from the wise: If a delivery person arrives with those flowers you ordered, let them in. Be gentle, kind and gracious, overflowing with appreciation. In short, try not to FREAK OUT in the presence of a wish granted. That's how it shall transfer safest from their hands to yours...

Aries of the Week: the Alaska Purchase

Everyone vies for the bull's attention. That's to be expected in any given situation. This week, to kill as many birds as possible with one single stone, E-X-P-A-N-D. Let your love, willpower, and passion naturally rise. Give freely, making no efforts to regulate proportions. This allows you to feed everyone at once, with just one extra large helping.

Taurus of the Week: Tina Yothers

A certain fog is lifting...hooray! Now that you can see and breathe better, your joy and serenity are less of a mirage/ more of a lasting reality. Rest in the open spaces, twins. Giggle in the clearings, replenishing your spirit of play. The focus which keeps you afloat is thus easier to resume as well as maintain.

Gemini of the Week: Carmine Coppolla

Decide who/where your allies are, crabs. Once you do so, strive for community with and for them. Offer what you've got in return for their indiviudal resources. Those negotiations are akin to building bridges. The stronger the foundation, the more you secure your happiness, safety, and creative freedom.

Cancer of the Week: the dollar

Embrace change, lions...BEFORE you know anything about it. View any glitches in the system as blessings in disguise, even without evidence. Assume, with no proof, that every mystery contains reason, which may be so intricate and ancient as to transcend all common understanding, making it impossible to decipher without the appropriate time and space..

Leo of the Week: Kurtis Blow

Certain medicines take effect right away. Others require more time before the results can be fully absorbed. This week your garden will be in full, glorious bloom virg. Take time to stand back and witness the miracle of your nourishment, privately admiring your own talent to heal and revivify.

Virgo of the Week: General Motors

Marry your ideals scales, just like you've done a million times before. By this time around, you should know the drill. Committing to your larger vision should come naturally to you, after a lifetime of remaining faithful to those principles. Do whatever you must to serve and protect your dreams, libra. Take the oath.

Libra of the Week: The jazz Singer

A specific gestation period is over, scorp. You know what that means, right? It's egg hatching time! As your lil' chicks come bursting out of their shells, greet them with open, loving arms, relieved that they are here, safe, and cradled in your provisional arms.

Scorpio of the Week: Curt Schilling

Any man/woman without a "better half" is just a symbol of their own potential...With that in mind, archer, seek the companionship that complements and completes you. Be brave enough to receive the hand of simple friendship.

Sagitarius of the Week: C. Thomas Howell

Until your teachings have been fully translated, developed and anchored, it's important that you maintain some control of your methods. Take the ship home, captain-without compromising the route. The wild seas will act as an accomplice to your agenda as long as you keep the well-being of your passengers always in mind.

Capricorn of the Week: Yoshitomo Nara

If you were throwing a dinner party, who, exactly would you invite? The guestlist is important, water bearer, because each attendee is a symbol of who you'd like to include as a part of your mission, each individual a sign of something you most appreciate, value, and need.

Aquarius of the Week: Luc Ferrari

"Jesus was a real rebel..." my Piscean roomate informed me this week. So, too, are the fish! When everyone else has given up, your love remains. While the crowds return to their boring ways, you are found doing flips. Unlike land animals, you are unafraid of exploring new waters. And lastly, you have no fear of being devoured, giving up your body and spirit to make a vital point to as well as nourish humanity.

Pisces of the Week: Julia Lennon