Week of October 29, 2009

Switch gears, rams. Be less demanding/ more nurturing. Choose playfulness over confrontation. Remain cheerful in the face of all hardship. Opt for the clownish- creative- acrobatic route this week. Let a childlike sense lead the way.

Aries of the Week: Babyface

Whenever you are in a bind, let what pressing truth is within you burst forth. Don't worry if it doesn't come out exactly right. Elegance is of little importance in relation to the potency of the message. Sacrifice perfection for veracity. Let the rugged-est voice emerge from you AS IS, uncut.

Taurus of the Week: Stephen Marley

Clean house, gemini. i.e. Dis-regard the thoughts and opinions of others, despite even their best intentions. Whether their support means well or not, the aim is the same- to create an opportunity for you to hear your OWN voice most clearly, un-affected or influenced by the echo of outside chatter.

Gemini of the Week: Gregg Kinnear

Anything goes, cancer-even if you are the only crab who seems to know it. Nothing is written in stone and redemption is always possible, in any context. Cycles are constantly in flux, a continuous rhythm of endings and beginnings. Stay true to your own instincts, regardless of how strong they may come on and/ or what change they create.

Cancer of the Week: Sydney Pollack

The winds are whispering the secrets of your fortune, predicting the coming of your own wealth and opulence. While certain forces align to bring your wishes to frutiion, continue to honor the methods that have carried you this far. Choose your ideals. Then get on your famous high horse, megaphone in paw, and shout those notions from the nearest mountaintop-lion style.

Leo of the Week: Hugo Chavez

It's not too late to switch sides, virg. Who gives a HOOT if you're in the middle of a campaign? New information is streaming in, hot off the mercurial press. Don't hesitate to include its truth in your current decision making. Let the freshest knowledge determine your vote, virg.

Virgo of the Week: 55 Pandora Asteroid

Persist with your heart's agenda, scales. THEN everything will open up in the way you desire. Use your mental agility to communicate your intuitions. Acknowledge what breakthroughs you make every time you serve your sincerer side. Ponder the pattern of that equation while you consider your pending "success."

Libra of the Week: U God

To reveal your newest colors, the fates present a special task this week scorpio. Cut all ties, knots and cords-even the ones that feed you. This exercise is meant to : reveal your desires independent of others' needs, revive your sense of self, clarify the nature of each relation, and permit you to communicate most directly, uninterruptedly.

Scorpio of the Week: Harvard

Certain forces which have lain dormant for a significant amount of time are now being activated, archer. Parts of YOU are coming alive again, specifically the side that posesses a deeper and clearer sense of inner knowing and total understanding. Be born once more of pure trust, all questions aside/absent.

Sagitarius of the Week: Cal Ripken Sr.

You can safely bid farewell to certain labors of the past, goats. A new task is on the horizon-one that requires less of you in the background, more of you in the immediate spotlight, modeling your personal gospel, speaking your individual truths openly and unflinchingly.

Capricorn of the Week: Betsy Ross

Heed the needs of the body and soul over the mind and it's machinations- for the sake of your nourishment, water bearers. Find your center by paying it your full attention. Rest in this area, which is less concerned with justice, yet is more easily able to reconcile its differences.

Aquarius of the Week: James Michener

As long as you accept the spirit of pure awareness, you'll have access to the benefits of its partnership. Whether in the silent confines of your heart or in the midst of a rowdy party, fish, be guided by a greater hand. Let your guard fully down to receive a far-out gift...

Pisces of the Week: Lil' Flip