Week of October 22, 2009

It looks like you bought the ticket, signed on the dotted line, etc. So whats keeping you from using it? Dear rams: I pray you will re-discover what courage, confidence and/or faith you'll need to cash in on your decision. Happiness and fortune await your arrival with eager anticipation/open arms.

Aries of the Week: Jenny Slate

Live the romance. Now is (literally) the right season. Your scorpio counterpart is fluent in the language of art and spirit. Feel the vibration of love getting closer with each passing day... Include this coming bliss in your "plans."

Taurus of the Week: SONY music

Your power to forgive may not be included as a first impression. But over time, and after getting to know you, it's obvious that this is one of your most special gifts. Let such elegance take precedence this week. Trust your knowledge of each individual's highest form of being, treating them as such.

Gemini of the Week: Femi Kuti

Jung claims that when a person "raises themselves above the human level of his time, he also alienates himself from humanity...the pain of that knowledge is also known as the gods revenge". You are in a position to currently disprove the idea that your hermitude is a source of suffering. Admit that the liveliness of your inner world cancels so-called feelings of isolation...

Cancer of the Week: Oscar Hammerstein

Be not overly attached to any "gifts" lions. If the opportunity should arise, opt for your dignity and personal intention over the reward. This will not only maintain your freedom but will also automatically reveal the authenticity of those chances, divining their truest meaning.

Leo of the Week: Samantha Ronson

Not only do you BECOME what you love, virg, but as long as you remember, such fruit is also the source of your protection. Now is a good time to keep that in mind, should any challenges arise. All adversity can be swiftly hurdled as long as you rely on the support of your personal garden.

Virgo of the Week: Jennifer Hudson

Surrender yourself to the moon and stars, scales. Your resistance to those unconscious-er powers is a waste of time and energy. Sacrifice the need to understand for the leadership of ancient wisdom. Scorpio begins the season of ancestry, time travel, and spirit guidance...

Libra of the Week: Bill Keane

Sing your serpentine song, scorp. As it unravels from deep within you, watch as the obstacles disappear back into the air. As you exhale, a fresher reality is permitted, one that corresponds more appropriately to the fullness of your being. It's the first week of the season of glowing, audacious you.

Scorpio of the Week: Family de'Medici become rulers of Florence

In the spirit of a true samurai, bow to your competition. In this way you not only prove your ability, but also your integrity. Your posture is as vital to your victory as your movement. Assume the position of strength FIRST. It's thus easier to prevail.

Sagitarius of the Week: Wall Street Journal

Make a distinction, goats. Distinguish between the battles worth your immediate effort and those that demand your patience and time. Fight only those fronts that are ripe for action. Use what determination you've got left to sit on your nest egg, keeping it warm and safe from all harm.

Capricorn of the Week: Mick Jones

Begin your treatise on independence water bearers. Map out the particulars. What must a man/woman do to preserve their liberty? Be as detailed as possible in your explanation. Then model it for us in your behavior, giving solid form to your precise defintion.

Aquarius of the Week: Jane Seymour

All "complications" will subside this week fish. As the sun moves into the sign of one of your hugest fans (scorpio), divine assistance will be uniquely accessible. Take from the hand that wishes to feed you-resting in its providence, reveling in its acceptance.

Pisces of the Week: Matteah Baim