Week of October 16, 2009

Accept your fate, rams. Embrace it as you would a chocolate cake, or a birthday wish. Gobble it's contents down hungrily. Join yourself to the merriment of the gift on your "table" by devouring it whole. Drown together in your mutual c0-existence. Begin to sail away this week to an idealer home- a new place where you may fully divulge your most intimate selves.

Aries of the Week: Emma Jung

I hate to resort to such a trite phrase, but bulls, it's true. Beggars CANNOT be choosers. In other words, when and if you are stranded at the side of the road, you will inevitably be forced to deal with what hand fate deals you. To avoid the truism of that irritating philosophy in the future, plan ahead. Acknoweldge your need for fuel long before it ever amounts to a breakdown point. Remain constantly open enough that you are able to maintain your energy level, eliminating the potential of any future crash/burns.

Taurus of the Week: Dodie Smith

Consult the winds, twins. This is, after all, one of your special talents. Divine the spirit, heeding it's howls and growls. Let a voice on high speak its words, plainly and openly. From this you may discern direction, gain serenity, and re-establish belonging-ness.

Gemini of the Week: Thomas Hardy

Abide by your deepest feelings, crabs. That's all your friends and family want out of you, whether or not they are able to make such desire clear enough to directly encourage that expression. This week, let the "naughtiest" voice speak openly, bringing to light it's pure knowledge. Notice how once the unconscious is permitted it's freedom, it becomes more manageable, less ferocious, strangely giddy...

Cancer of the Week: Slim Pickens

Focus all your time and energy into one objective, lions. Leave judgment and legislation to the prudent-er powers that be. Instead apply your loving hand to those areas that interest you more. Cultivate art, culture and kinship with your hopeful encouragment. Spend your days inspiring the masses to become : bolder, more playful, less worrisome.

Leo of the Week: Rocky Colavito

For your sake, I sincerely wish that someone would hold a mirror up to your life's results thus far, reflecting it's true image. And if that should occur, that you take the opportunity to gaze deeply into it, admiring the thriving success of your garden. Where you spent long hours applying your love and time, a strong tree now grows. Claim it as your own this week virg, acknowledging the origin of it's roots. Notice the magical effects of your doing so.

Virgo of the Week: Wes Bentley

Do that which you are called to, scales, in order to get certain balls rolling. The universe awaits your choice. While you take more time to consider the options, picture the ideal. Imagine that nothing stands in the way of YOU obtaining IT. Build your confidence first. Then go back and review the obstacles. Rely on reason as well as desire to scientifically resolve/ energetically prevent all "problems."

Libra of the Week: Truman Capote

Reciting "The Raven" for my final eighth grade english project is one of my fondest child-hood memories. There, in front of my classmates, I "came out", declaring my supreme love for all things esoteric and mysterious, disregarding their reaction or opinion. Years later, I am still living in honor of my scorpionic imagination, although it was easier then to own it. I urge you to celebrate your private rituals as openly as a child this week, ignorant to society's limitations. Let your fancies fly free, unquestioned, nevermore...

Scorpio of the Week: Stephen Crane

Adding a co-pilot to your expedition? I think it's a good idea, for a variety of reasons. Including a partner as head-strong as yourself has many benefits:. For one thing, you can let him/her drive when you are tired. Two pairs of sharp eyes are always better than one. Intelligence as well as ability is doubled when you share your coveted seat...

Sagitarius of the Week: Michael Hurley

Stay just as you are, goats. As certain windstorms pass through, your character shall remain erect and intact. Those furies are only meant to tear down the walls that stand in the way of your ultimate design. Maintain a calm stance while they clear away the debris, making more room for you to insert a brilliant agenda.

Capricorn of the Week: Michigan

What others label ludicrous, you are often found exonerating. What the public denounces, you cling to as if it were gold itself. That is why they call you the rebel. It's also how you came to be known as the genius. Not only are you able to think and act for yourself in a way that is contrary to the norm, but it's also evolutionary in comparison.

Aquarius of the Week: Pamela Coleman Smith

It didn't surprise me to hear that once a twelve year old girl came out of a coma after hearing Eminem in her headphones. I have also always found his musical delivery to be extra motivating. This week, you may experience something similar fishes. A certain melody/style may awaken you from what has been a long and deep sleep. It doesn't make a difference that it's almost hibernation season for the rest of us. You always swim AGAINST the tides anyhow...

Pisces of the Week: The New Yorker