Week of October 8, 2009

Queen Elizabeth's response to Sir Walter Raleigh's description of discovering land while on his expedition to the americas was this: "Do you find the new world or does the new world find you?" In the context of your own ram-life, consider what question her majesty poses. Indeed, must you seek your future or will it hunt you down itself? Hmmmmmmmm.....

Aries of the Week: Rand McNally's first road atlas

May you break your silence this week, bulls, and at long last, SPEAK! Tell it like it is and how it's been for you personally, letting words flow uninterrupted from your now sizzling soul. May the train of thought and inspiration run continuously on- into and through a new day, which heralds the beginning of your individual renaissance- an epoch of long lasting triumph, beauty, and liberation.

Taurus of the Week: Claudio Monteverdi

There's a price for your head, twins. That's nothing new. You'll always have those who are trying to shush you up! That's more than half the fun of being y.o.u.! All jokes aside, if any real danger should near you, run like the wind that you are, carrying yourself to the highest peak, where your eyes and voice are "safe." Beam your light from that altitude when you need to. Notice how you may communicate just as clearly, only with much less chance of being harmed...

Gemini of the Week: Levon Helm

To predict the future you'll have to maintain severe focus. To divine the circumstances, listen closely, past your ego and its distractions. To hear what is actually true as opposed to what you wish were happening, invite the option. Leave your door (and ears) open to receive a more potent, lifegiving reality. Stay poised to hear it's tale, and you immediately shall...

Cancer of the Week: the karate Kid

"Stress, sadness or grief can be neutralized or absorbed by the earth, but only if we are in touch with her. If we have lost our connection to the earth, then we are not grounded, and we must endure, without protection, the lightning bolts flung our way." This is the advice of a Native healer known as Hosteen Begay. Take the help, lions, sacrificing what pride and prejudice are necessary. As you face the natural powers, stay close to your systems of support. Use their strength to shield you from harm, provide relief, and offer direction. Then the divine task is not so laborious...

Leo of the Week: Isabel of Brazil

The best leaders are the ones that take all their direction from the students, (or at least pretend to). This way, if anything should happen to the one in charge, there are other burgeoning chiefs, ready and able to assume the head's place and duties. This is the most logical form of raising a family, virg. It's too risky to designate only one of you to think clearly, and look out for the needs of the whole group. Share the power/responsibility. It makes better sense.

Virgo of the Week: Prince Harry

What you got, EVERYONE wants. Remember that, scales and do your business accordingly. All merchants pretend like goods are worth less than they actually are, so that they can get a better deal. Such is the nature of the modern trade. However, the more certain you are of what you're worth, the less those capitalists can prey upon you. Hold out for the "best" offer this week scales, the one that is the most adequate reflection of your truest value...

Libra of the Week: Paul Hogan

This week, on a late night visit to the kitchen, I found a teenage sized Texas tarantula relaxing in the corner. I manuevered it's furry body into a jar, and kept it overnight. In the morning I drove it to a place where I thought it could find plenty of food and friends. As much as I wanted to keep it with me (I had grown quickly attached to its mystique and provacative beauty), I knew it would be better off back in the wild. I urge you to think and act as such this week, scorp. Release whomever you are holding hostage, despite any personal need to have them around. Be not tempted by the chance to hold on. Your freedom is dependent upon their own...

Scorpio of the Week: Brittany Murphy

By now, you're like a seasoned vet, archers. The fates beg the question: what will you do with all your knowledge of the playing field? While you contemplate the answer, notice the opportunities that are presented. Those will keep arriving, all through the autumn. I urge you to examine each and every chance that comes your way, making your decision only once you have fully grasped each one's full and detailed potential.

Sagitarius of the Week: Katherine Heigl

Provide a refuge, goats. Not only are the measurements of your design exact, but its walls are well fortified. Your shelter serves its purpose in that it offers immunity from all threats, being safely out of reach from booby traps and tricks. May you discover a way to both maintain the necessary boundaries of your garden while at the same time welcoming those that seek it's protection.

Capricorn of the Week: Emily Watson

Don't move! In your stillness, you will not only receive what information you seek, but you will also gain the chance to experience for yourself what magic you are constantly putting out. Stay neutral, water bearer, giving calmly over to some outside forces. Ponder the idea of traditional healing, which claims that "having trust in the possibility...is the key...and having trust is neither passive nor aggressive."

Aquarius of the Week: Lewis Mehl Madrona

Give in to the full fantasy, fish, without letting you or anyone else sabotage its existence. Take note of all ideas, thoughts, and speech which seek to undermine your dreams. As soon as you are aware of their aim, may you swiftly dismiss the attempt. Starve those patterns of your love and attention, until they die away. In the place where they once stood, vibrant colors emerge, making themselves and their over-riding support loudly known.

Pisces of the Week: Wanda Sykes