Week of October 1, 2009

The full moon in your sign this weekend hails a certain spiritual wake up call for the rams. As you begin to experience a metaphorical re-birth, consider the folliowing questions that, according to Grampa Richards, a native american healer whose counsel was once sought by many, trusts that if totally answered, can permit any person to begin to awaken to ALL the possibilities of their lifetime. Consider in this moment: Who are you? Where are you coming from? Why are you here?

Aries of the Week: polio vaccine

If I were to choose a b.o.s.s., it would be you, bulls. That's not only because of how loving and reliable I find you to be, but it's also because I take refuge in your organizational skills, and I am inspired by your sturdy ethics. If you asked me to be on your team, I would. Yours is a trustorthy, knowledgeable hand from whom I easily take direction. Every time I do, I grow, and remember I am a part of me and of everything...

Taurus of the Week: WPA

Mythologist Raven Caldera reports a typical Gemini problem: that as they conquer the captains or elderly "in charge", they must then face the responsibilities of that predeccesor. Let me pick up where her story leaves off, twins, and assure you that you can "do it." Disregard the heresay, and your fuller, more actual potential in that regard can be revealed.

Gemini of the Week: Houston, TX

It seems, dear crabs, that you have finally met your match. As you come face to face with your captor, consider the victory of it all. Sip on some champagne while you revel in being "caught". Experience the relief of being fully comprehended. Make love to a fearless opponent this week, bathing in the light which they are shining upon you, breathing in the benefits of a revealing partnership.

Cancer of the Week: Mount Blanc tunnel bridging Italy and France

The sweat lodge is a Native american version of a hospital, treatment being condensed over time and space. On the night of the ceremony, the afflicted one is brought to a tent, usually protected with animal hides, behind which lies the stones which heat the space of up to 106 degrees, the residing shaman of the evening and the family and/or friends which they have appointed. Throughout the event, spirits of ancestors and animals will arrive to assist in the exorcism of the disease, as facilitated by the high temperatures, i.e.sweating. Chanting, singing and rattling are intertwined and used to channel the forces of healing. In the best case scenario, which is more historically common than any modern person would guess, the sick leaves well, free entirely of what previously plagued them. As the leader of the tribe, lions, I urge you to ponder the moral of the above information, and consider the ancient powers of ritual, the elements, and human bonding.

Leo of the Week: Ferdinand Von Zeppelin's Navigable Balloon

Expressing your emotions is helpful not only to your own state of being, but also to everyone who cares so deeply about you, virgo. Indeed of all the signs, your fan club is the largest and most dedicated. Show them your appreciation by acknowledging your feelings towards as many of them as you can find this week. Be as forthright as you are emotive when you describe what lies in the depths of your huge heart.

Virgo of the Week: Kodak camera

Make a trade, scales, just like they used to do in more primitive times. Consider what you no longer need and then determine what is necessary to your growth and progress. If you happen to come across the right deal, don't hesitate this week. Seize the opoortunity to change clothes, houses, jobs, dinner plates, or crafts. Take the risk which lets you shake it out/ switch off/spice it up.

Libra of the Week: Cecilia

Underneath all the mystery garb and protective hard shell, the scorp is a dazzling creature of love and romance. Beyond the myth of your power lies a beast of pure fantasy. You, "formidable one", are art's own child, who lives and dies for the dream. This week do what all great buddhas must: love as if you never have, dance until your feet fall off, sing until your heart bursts into full color.

Scorpio of the Week: Frida Lynstad

Don't give up NOW, archers. The omens suggest that the time would be ideal to continue to push your agenda. Certain challenges have already successfully been met by you. Currently you are called to defend your honor, game, and principles which you so strongly live by. Here's my advice: don't take yourself or them too seriously. With what certainty you posess, you can get away with being rather clownish in your approach, like all famous wise- guys.

Sagitarius of the Week: Sonia Ghandi

My grandmother, a wise and famous Capricorn, clearly believed in leading by example. I wouldn't know exactly, because in thirteen years, she never directly instructed me or my family on the ways of life. Yet we followed her moves closely and precisely, always benefiting if we pursued her strong,unspoken path. I imagine that if she appeared today, she and the rest of you goats still wouldn't have many words to waste, but would just get right down to your business.

Capricorn of the Week: Nigella Lawson

Water bearers, may you grant us entrance to your independence of mind and spirit! Ok, well at least don't look too shocked when we end up there. How could we resist the pleasure of thinking our own thoughts, being entitled to our own opinion and point of view? What an ingeneous and ideal way to co-exist! We're on to you, and we want in!!!!!

Aquarius of the Week: Maastricht Treaty of the UN

To attain clarity and inner peace, focus on what your partner(s) are saying. Transfer your attention from self outward. Tend to the needs of your family, friends, classmates, neigbors and gurus. What answers you seek can be easily and quickly obtained in the construct of your community. Explore those inhabitants and engage. Together you can all arrive at a solution.

Pisces of the Week: the wedding of John Lennon and Yoko Ono