Week of September 21, 2009

"Tell me, how can the world come to our aid if it does not hear our cry? I feel it deep in my soul. This is the beginning of change for our women." These are the words of Sultana, a Saudi Arabian princess who dares to hire an American journalist to tell her story of "life behind the veil" in a book entitled "Princess". Her attempts to reveal the oppressive conditions of her life requires all the courage she posesses, given the severe cultural consequences of her speaking out. Similarly, rams, to begin to grant your strongest wish, let your brave and faithful heart over-ride all fear or hesitation.

Aries of the Week: David Frost

Solving mystery requires a committment to its investigation. Notice how as you study, obscurity diminishes. In your devotion to learning, you have already half conquered any "confusion." Finish the job by dedicating yourself to such scrutiny, delving deeper and deeper into the realm of knowledge, marrying your mind and heart to the process of understanding. Emerge on the other side- illuminated, an individual naked / free of illusions..

Taurus of the Week: Eric Singer

Tell me, did you catch a whiff of that beat? I could tell you were into it, twins. What's stopping you from chasing after it then? I urge you to pursue its deep, hypnotic twists, but before you do, gather your nuts. You wouldn't want to show up at your beloved's door empty-handed. Have something to offer him/her/it. Give of your best stuff, a symbol at least of your willingness and respect.

Gemini of the Week: Big Ben

Peace be with you crabs. You're going to need it's divine assistance this week. Luckily, the sun is moving into the sign of Libra, the symbol of justice and balance. Together you can tackle the task of the coming week, which is to level out your Karma. Start by feeding what is in need of your immediate attention while removing your support in areas that demand more discipline.

Cancer of the Week: Ron Kovic

Fear not to enter the inner cave of wisdom, cats. In there you may rest, recuperate, reconnect and re-discover. Sacifice your throne for the time being in exchange for a helping hand. Wander back home to safety and receive the gifts of much needed knowledge, friendship, support- all of which are needed to fully triumph.

Leo of the Week: Simon Bolivar attains victory over Spain at the Battle of Boyaca

Pay no mind to the distractions, virg. Keep the time in your head and heart, maintaining your focus and concentration at whatever cost. Be accountable only to your own inner rhythm, integrating it's beat into your enviroment. Let the atmosphere mold itself to your pure intentions. Notice the sparkling results.

Virgo of the Week: Brad Bird

Act as if your heart is a giant wave. Let the force of it swallow you and your obstacles whole, carrying you both back and out to the greater sea of the unknown where they can be most properly handled. Bathe in the giant dreamscape, swirling amidst the knowledge of the mighty tides. Return home anew, now touched by the powers that be.

Libra of the Week: the first Mecca in NYC

Your adventures have only just begun scorp. So keep riding on, into and through its various vortexes. Let eagerness be your guide, your heart opening wider with each challenge. To fully engage in the frolicking of fantasy, step slyly around the limitations of time and space. Be on your own spirit's wild, circumventing journey.

Scorpio of the Week: Mary Travers

The Bhagavad Gita advises that we "Perform necessary action; it is more powerful than inaction; without action you even fail to sustain your own body." It reminds me of the messages I've been receiving from the universe for you, archers. The stars have been suggesting that it'd be an opportune moment to take full responsibility for your life's results, to claim the full rights to what you are most capable of.

Sagitarius of the Week: Felix Lope deVega

Devote yourself to the needs of the community this week caps. Take what time is necessary first to fully observe and discern the behaviors and situations of your neighbors. Before you make any plans, consider what resources and innovations are MOST necessary to their current growth. Take a detailed and thorough inventory of all the demands before you attempt to meet them.

Capricorn of the Week: Paul Westerberg

Keep things simple this week water bearers. That's how you'll decipher and digest the profoundest truths and fanciest magics this week. Clean your slate/ table, leaving room for any surprises. Purge yourself of expectation so that you can actually comprehend what you did not forsee. Then you can better access its "power".

Aquarius of the Week: Pamela Springsteen

Play "dead" fish, paying no attention to raging seas or beckoning storms within or without. School is in session now and requires less squiggling. So that life's knowledge may be translated, be not squeamish. The message(s) in your immediate midst are delicate but powerful transmissions, which, once grasped, may begin to change first your outlook and consequentially your fortune in a permanent and positive way.

Pisces of the Week: Lady Chablis