Week of September 9, 2009

Rams, may you find shelter this week. As you comb the streets for support, rely as steadily upon your poetry as you do your ethics. That way you capture and convince a wider audience, gathering the attention of artists as well as businessfolk. Do your most straightforward juggling act, conveying passion as well as committment. Both are necessary for maximum entry.

Aries of the Week: Vladimir Lenin

Hush up, bulls. That's how you'll come to know a higher truth, which, post any initial shock, resistance, pain, or hardship, will feel like a blessing. Your load and consequentially your heart will grow lighter by the tons. A featherier existence also returns you to a more innocent state, increasing your power while preserving your sweetness.

Taurus of the Week: John Corbett

Native shamans believe that "A person can go crazy simply by not being grounded, by not putting bare feet to bare earth at least once a day." Consider this your cosmic homework for the week, twins. Make contact with the planet you live on, in real time. This exercise is recommended for the purposes of : preserving sanity, sanctioning health, providing relief and promoting clarity.

Gemini of the Week: Jadakiss

Imagine you just arrived at your favorite amusement park, packed lunch and sunscreen in tow, only to find out it's closed for the day! The Gods are likely to challenge you in such a way this week, crabs. Prove how flexible, patient, insightful, and creative you truly are in the face of "natural disaster." Such unpredictability is your forte, and the sooner you live up to that skill, the less the universe will be forced to toy with you to remind you of it...

Cancer of the Week: Karen Dalton

Cut the appropriate ties, lion. Feed those sources which are imperative to the development of you and your family. Protest openly what methods which have already proven ineffective. Lobby instead for a chance to introduce your newest ideas, remaining totally confident in a more unique approach. Use what familial warmth and comic grace you were so blessed with to lead your beloveds.

Leo of the Week: Martin Starr

If/when everyone else should lose their manners, yours shall remain peacefully intact. At tenser times, when no one seems able to follow through, you, on the other hand, shall naturally endure. Lastly, when all others are incapable of committing to a particular course of action, you can choose with ease. These are some benefits of being born a virgin. Enjoy.

Virgo of the Week: Noah Baumbach

I grew up in a world of Italians, surrounded by their culture, cuisine and affections. After so many years, their ways inevitably became permanently imprinted on me and well integrated into every facet of my life. The romance, passion, and force of my ancestry and upbringing are now as much a part of my identity as the color of my eyes. To know this is to be able to come home no matter how far I might "travel". I urge you to recollect and reconnect to your own roots, scales, if only for the sake of clarifying the origin of your habits and belief systems.

Libra of the Week: Miss Piggy

Temper work with play, and vice versa scorp. That way you may successfully avoid all temptations i.e. limitations of the extremes. Instead you can maintain access to the wholer picture, whereby all resources and every point of view is constantly available to you. This simultaneously removes you from more dangerous experiences while bringing you closer to joyful ones.

Scorpio of the Week: Rita Wilson

Plans may change this week. But it's nothing you archers won't be able to appreciate in the long run. Perhaps the fates just wish to remind you that the quest lies within. Now is the appropriate time to reclaim your inner strength, so fierce that no "circumstance" could ever actually threaten it's power. That re-enlightenment is essential to your victory, player.

Sagitarius of the Week: Cicely Tyson

The leaders of native american sweat lodge rituals, designed to exorcise the sick, claim that "Through repetitive enactment, ceremonies can lose their power. Healers maintain a present connection with the spiritual realm, so they need not worry over whether a certain action is appropriate, they know." May you contemplate the wisdom of this statement, goats. You too will be called to exhibit a type of otherworldy faith, and open-ness of spirit in place of a rigid/ perfunctory stance, in order to facilitate wellness and inspiration.

Capricorn of the Week: Amir "Questlove" Thompson

Show less regard for safety, water bearer. Trade what hesitation you've been nurturing for uncharted action. Make just one small step in the direction of the opener plain and your journey immediately grows less cumbersome/ increasingly delightful. Trust in what you don't know despite what you have already learned. Walk the road that hasn't been traveled yet. There are no footprints there, except for the ones you'll now leave.

Aquarius of the Week: Brad Whitford

Your destiny is in your hands fish. If you don't believe me, just walk a little further out on that limb, and see if you don't notice what I'm talking about. Every time you leave your comfort zone this week, you'll catch a glimpse of the brighter future. That should motivate you enough to inspire what boldness is required. Your desire for something greater is clear. Now you'll just need to practice walking it's particularly adventurous path.

Pisces of the Week: the Louisiana Purchase