Week of September 1, 2009

National Geographic reports that hummingbirds are "perhaps the most confrontational players in nature." Their so-called fierce territorial instincts are said to be shaped by their need to sip nectar every few minutes. They are observed throughout their days competing mid-air, pirouetting and then diving backwards in dances of dominance with one another. Such acrobatic jousting is reminiscent of you rams. This week, to get at the flowers you'll need to be just as light on your feet, just as energetic, just as coy yet animalistic in your maneuverings.

Aries of the Week: Christopher "Kid" Reid

Monty Roberts is also known as "The Horse Whisperer." His tactics defy the long tradition that precedes him of violently breaking the animals. His approach is rather to first observe and eventually learn the specific language of horse (Equus), then using this to gain their total trust, regardless of how much longer it would inevitably take. I propose that to command the spirit of whatever wild animal you wish to tame, you would be just as patient, keen, gentle, flexible.

Taurus of the Week: NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO

Recently, my mother fled a veterinarian office bill due to what she named a "lack of ethical practice." Savagely protective of her black chihauha ONYX, she marched past their threats to throw her in jail and laughed when she recalled the story to me later. I urge you to trust your own instinct this week as well, twins. Protect your opinion, your loved ones, your point of view and anything else you think is worth fighting for. Heed your deepest, strongest intutions. The fates shall keep you as mysteriously safe as they've kept my own mamma for the last fifty years...

Gemini of the Week: the republic of Egypt

To reduce present chaos, secure future harmony, and resolve past division, give it your best this week, crabs. Bring your cup to specific lips. Let your beloved drink of your spirit, un-interrupted, until it's groove is firmly understood and experienced. Then the two of you can start to move to the liberating, sensual beat of your most musical soul.

Cancer of the Week: Angelique Kidjo

The grade school teachers of Mos Def, a famous hip hop artist, are said to have warned his mother to "watch out" for this up and coming star, his classroom work already an indication of his creative brilliance. Such a tale is similar to your own, lions. At a young age you shined brighter then the average child. Eventually it became clear that you were headed in one direction only-that is, straight back and around to the light of your origin. Your return to the brighter heights of existence was always a given.

Leo of the Week: Betsy Johnson

Just like the song says, virg, you'll have to know when to hold em and when to fold em, know when to walk casually away and know when to run for your dear life. This week the situations may call for each and any of those moves. To discern the difference, trust your spiritual guides, which appear in the form of innocent children, wise ancestors, famous outlaws and historical world leaders, there to assist you in further clarifying who and what to trust.

Virgo of the Week: Bruce Palmer

Your touch, delicate and golden, will bring peace to what paths it may cross. Your words, true and direct, will heal what hearts they fall upon. Your presence, cool and bubbly, will level out even the rockiest situations. Your wisdom, particular and relevant, will initiate powerful change whenever it is known. Your grace is divinely bestowed, scales. It is meant to provide strength as well as solace.

Libra of the Week: John Mayer

Dear voo doo child: Do less explaining, more enacting. Worry not so much about proving yourself and your point as you are invested in performing it. Practice your sacred rites as opposed to preaching them. Receive openly the visitors you've been expecting. Let your kiss speak for itself. Allow your embrace to communicate your desire. Reveal your knowledge through specific dance moves, partners, and song choices.

Scorpio of the Week: Calista Flockhart

To decipher the moment and determine the next course of events, retreat. Draw back your bow and arrows, resting alongside the nearest tree or riverbank. Sleep and dream until the "morning", taking a conscious break from your duties and projects. In that opener space , your power has a chance to renew itself, your wounds have an opportunity to heal, and your up and coming voice has a space to be previewed.

Sagitarius of the Week: Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species"

Your victory is only a memento of all the small wins you've had along the way. For many months, you've made the harder choices. You consistently honored your vision, regardless of the support. The results of that constant option are scheduled to begin making themselves known starting this week. May you easily receive the glorious rewards of your own hard work, certain of what sacrifice that required.

Capricorn of the Week: Geoff Tate

The Qabala teaches that everything we say, do and even think as conscious humans ripples throughout the rest of time and space, carrying it's seed outward and ultimately back to ourselves. With that in mind, water bearer, let every move you make be a reflection of what energy you would wish to see in your own environment, inner and outer. If you were given a blank slate with which to wield, what ideas do you believe would enhance personal living?

Aquarius of the Week: Norman Mailer

Attn all fish: no more swallowing poison! To aid in your refusal, concentrate instead on the belief that you are entitled to something more nourishing. If you show at least a willingness to ingest only that which actually feeds you, this spell is on its way to being broken. Beg not for what you already deserve. Maintain a stiff posture that declares your worth. The stars will thus align to assist such a brave but imperative move.

Pisces of the Week: Ice Hockey