Week of August 19, 2009

Are you brave enough (to be quietly is-armed)? Have you the courage (to let your fires dwindle)? Do you got what it takes (to allow conflict to dissolve)? The omens suggest that if you rams are at least willing to consider more peaceful alternatives, the masters of the universe will meet you more than halfway. When poised for battle, substitute forgiveness and friendship. Instead of self-defense, kneel to bless the hand of the one that threatens you. If filled with the craving to tear your victim to shreds, conjure the powers of comedy and compassion.

Aries of the Week: Lady Gaga

Name your price, bulls. You should know that your family, admirers, business associates, friends, and close colleagues respect and trust you enough that as soon as you call the shots, they will literally jump. Reveal your secret wishes this week. While sitting at the head of your various tables, make known your deep opinions, passionate desires and detailed perspective. (It's a good time.)

Taurus of the Week: Otto Frank

Last week, while pausing mid-work, a flock of humminbirds swooped by me and lingered above my head. It reminded me of a classic cartoon scene- the one where the birds circle around the character who's just been clocked. Once I had gotten a dose of what rest and composure I needed, those little flying twirps were there to symbolize the euphoria of being cracked wide open, to mark the twittering pleasure of a loving collision, to signify the frenetic bliss of it's sweet relief.

Gemini of the Week: Universal Pictures

Make a poster this week. Use that personal billboard to illustrate your wishes. Advertise the content of your most recent dreams, preferably in full color. With everything so clearly spelled out, you can spend less time and breath explaining your platform. Let that media presentation speak for itself, thereby creating more ****** space***** for you and your comrades.

Cancer of the Week: Arthur Laurents

Go home, cats. Return to your family, native land, and ancestor spirits. Swap stories, frolic, and share affections. There, on familiar and safe grounds, you can gather all the love, respect, wisdom, support and vision you fully expected plus a few extra tips and tools that you DIDN'T

Leo of the Week: Conrad Aiken

Love thyself and honor thy work. Embrace your ideas as well as your "investments". This will heal all aching wounds, increase your total fortune and clear the path to well-being. To remain consistently buzzed, practice daily self-respect and express constant outer gratitude.

Virgo of the Week: the temple of Jupiter

Karma is :inescapable, instant, exacting, omniscent, unencumbered, unyielding, reliable, and the solution to health and wellness. To determine its actions is to ponder the secrets to happiness. To grasp its twists and turns is to near closer to personal freedom. To place all life in its delicate context is to seek to resolve the riddle of being.

Libra of the Week: Sai baba of Shurdi

Unveil your wild child. Let him/her emerge from the inner sanctum. Let the most sensual, seductive, and seriously loving side of you out to play, scorp. Not only will that provide hours of fun and entertainment, but it will also accomplish some otherwise unattainable goals. Kiss everyone in sight, and throw your bedroom eyes all around. Pretend it's the seventies...

Scorpio of the Week: Veronica Lake

Hey archers look alive! Do you hear that blaring message? The one which rings in the tidings of your artistic fruition? Listen a while. As your awareness grows, so too does possibility unfold. Once you understand the greatness before you, you may then begin to actualize it.

Sagitarius of the Week: Max Born

There is so much magic in the air these days, it'll just be tough to make enough time to take it all in. You'll need: more spare seconds to witness, experience, ponder and process the alchemical change that's taking place. Build space in your schedule for comprehending the thrilling and numerous effects of a magnanimous transformation.

Capricorn of the Week: Y.E. Yang

You're the boss-hog. Whatever you say goes. Imagine that you are wearing the "pants" this week, water bearers. Lend us your raw thoughts and intutions. Take the lead. You're the perfect pilot, privy as you are to the swiftest routes and most ideal destinations.

Aquarius of the Week: Belle Starr

Know precisely who you are, what you do, and for what reason, fish. That simple measure lets you skate by all superfluous drama, breeze past unwanted pressure, tumble through the thickness of illusion, letting you remain giddy in the presence of "danger", blissful in the midst of "confusion", serene in the face of "hot- headedness", unphased by the weight of "hardship".

Pisces of the Week: Don Drummond